KMazing – The K-Pop World is now stronger than ever, with globalization the new era of enjoying music is crossing continent like never before. The listener of K-Pop also changing their preferences and the industry have to keep up with the market so that they can stay longer in the market. The changing of idea and concept is also dragging the sunbaenim toward the end pf their career to be replaced by younger and new face.

No one can deny the huge existence of KARA during their heyday, at several time the are almost at the same level with Wonder Girls or even Girls’ Generation. Their influence in Japan is still going strong even today. “The butt” dance is the signature move that almost no K-Pop fans didnt know about this move. Their song is catchy and the hook of the song really struck and stuck on listeners’ ears for quite a long time *me myself sometimes still humming on Mister or Lupin*.

The same goes to GFRIEND, they might not be on the same level as TWICE but their song is super duper catchy *close to repetitive* they even have their signature beat called Gfriend’s Rhythm and Beat that kinda give a signature on their song which is good. Navillera, Glass Beads and Me Gustas Tu is a pleasure to the ear and the song is well received by the public.

The two group that exist in different generation is bearing the similar concept with similar impact on the listener. KARA is providing fresh option for option during that time while GFRIEND clearly revolutionize the pattern in enjoying K-Pop music. The older group might be having more everlasting effect due to their member’s success in branching to other sector in industry. Both of the group is clear example of hardworking group with exemplary attitude and music choices.