Top 20 Best Korean Movies of All Time (As of 2017)

best korean movies of all time 2017

20Top 20 Best Korean Movies / Films of All Time (As of 2017)

From time to time, K-Movie aka Korean films are increasingly in demand from movie lovers from all over the world. The indications are clear, the films from the Ginseng Country are often imported to various countries and able to record a huge box office income in the country. The variety of Korean films is so vast, not just about the theme of romance or teenagers. Now, more and more fantasy movie genre, action, horror, criminal, and neo-noir are getting in circulation.

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In addition to having an exciting television show, South Korea is trying their best in producing the best movies with original stories. For Asia region itself, South Korea is a country with advanced film production in india and china where the film production always consistently try to make high quality cinematography works so that is internationally recognized.

Our list will discuss some of the films that are touted as the best Korean film of all time and have got positive reviews both in terms of story, acting and film-making techniques. This best Korean film information can be an insight enhancer for you especially for fans of quality movies and Korean culture enthusiasts.

Enjoy the list!

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20. Real (2017)

Starting of our list, we are kicking off with the most anticipated movie in 2017. One of Korea’s long-awaited movies is Real, featuring Kim Soo-hyun and Sulli and Sung Dong-il, Lee Sung-min, and Jo Woo-jin. Real tells of a city that briefly walks normally, but is actually controlled from a cruel underground world. Jang Tae-yeong is a reliable man in dealing with black business and able to handle various requests. But things began to change when he met a former detective reporter named No Yeom.

It’s not just another mafia style movie with protagonist that turned good from bad, it’s more complicated and the revelation was quite satisfying for some audience *not for me*.

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