KMazing – On January 26, 2022, Disney Plus (Disney+) Asia Pacific will premiere the Rookie Cops KDrama, starring Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin.

The Disney+ Original Series was announced in October 2021 as part of The Walt Disney Company’s APAC Content Showcase, which included 28 new titles with a goal of bringing over 50 APAC Originals titles to the market by 2023.

The tale revolves on a group of freshmen at the Korean Police Academy known as the Rookie Cops. The series is directed by Kim Byung Soo who also directs lots of other KDramas such as He Is Psychometric, A Korean Odyssey, Vampire Prosecutor, and many other titles.

Synopsis of Rookie Cops KDrama

With the most outstanding marks in his class, Wi Seung Hyun (Kang Daniel) gets admitted into the academy and has high expectations from people around him. Meanwhile, Ko Eunkang (Chae Soo Bin), who is bursting with energy, was only accepted after the second round of auditions. Throughout the series, Wi and Ko are constantly at odds and get entangled in a variety of cases that jeopardize their prospects of graduating.

The Casts of Rookie Cops

Kang Daniel

The male protagonist, Kang Daniel, portrays a character called Wi Seung Hyeon. Wi Seung Hyeon is a young guy with a positive attitude who cannot endure injustice. He aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps as Chief of the Gyeonggi Dongbu Police Agency.

Rookie Cops KDrama

Chae Soo Bin

The female protagonist, Go Eun Gang, will be played by Chae Soo Bin, who is considered as a dynamic and fearless personality. Go Eun Gang is described as a mischief student who enrolls at Police University in order to get close to the person she loves.

Rookie Cops KDrama

Lee Shin Young

Kim Tak is played by Lee Shin Young, a freshman on the junior national judo team who represents the zeal of his youth. He is accustomed to being alone, but the encounter with other students let him experience something new.

Rookie Cops KDrama

Park Yoo Na

Park Yoo Na plays an independent and realistic freshman with a unique charm named Kim Han Na. She always gets first place in everything. Other pupils who cherish group life are irritated by her unique personality.

Rookie Cops KDrama

Min Do Hee

Min Do Hee was set to portray Woo Joo Young in the series. She is a student at a scientific high school who aspires to join the police force as a forensic specialist.

Rookie Cops KDrama

The cast is loaded with lots of talented young and fresh actors and actresses. Thus, it is just inevitable that Rookie Cops will definitely be a notable drama to look forward to.