KMazing – The Korean Drama “Welcome To Waikiki”, or popularly known as “Eulachacha Waikiki”, has now finished its second season. Through season 1, it has successfully attracted a lot of viewers and with that, the JTBC has decided to work on the sequel of the drama that is full with stories about friendship, love, and dreams of young people.

Lee Yi Kyung, who plays Lee Joon Ki in Season 1 is still the key component to the drama and also starred in this second season. Well, the basic difference – besides the cast –  between season 1 with season 2 is, of course, the story. In season 1 Lee Joon Ki is taking the challenge of life with his campus friends, while in season 2 he is accompanied by his high school friends.

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Synopsis Welcome to Waikiki 2

The drama that tells the story of a group of young people who live in a guest house called Waikiki which is very unique and fresh. The drama tells how Joon Ki and his friends – Cha Woo Sik, Kook Ki Bong, and Kim Jung Eun – struggled in advancing their investment for the guesthouse. But the twist is that the guesthouse is getting a whole new “color” when Han Soo Yeon and Cha Yu Ri arrive.

Casts and Characters

“Eulachacha Waikiki 2” is directed by Lee Chang Min and written by Kim Ki Ho, Song Ji Eun, Song Mi So, and Seo Dong Beom and got 16 episodes. As we mentioned above, the main character is. of course, Lee Joon Ki who is the Co-CEO of Waikiki Guesthouse and a not-so-famous actor. Whereas Cha Woo Sik is a former famous idol who still wants to become a singer. Then there is Kook Ki Bong who aspires to become a professional baseball player but instead ends up in a minor league.

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As for the female character, Han Soo Yeon is the first love of the three men above. Soo Yeon is a popular person but was finally left on her wedding day because her family went bankrupt. Besides Soo Yeon, there is also Kim Jung Eun who is Joon Ki’s classmate who also wants to be an actress. Last, there is a character called Cha Yu Ri who is the sister of Cha Woo Shik who has a dream of becoming a famous chef.

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Inter-Character Conflict

The inter-character conflicts certainly center on their efforts to stop the bad luck that has always come unexpectedly. They also tried to rise from their respective bankruptcies to reach their dreams. All aspect of life will be presented here, stories of love, hostility, and true friendship.

Highlights on Each Episode

Episode 1
The scene opens with all three friends, namely Lee Joon Ki who is currently filming, Cha Woo Shik who is playing guitar, and KooK Ki Bong who is practicing baseball. The three suddenly fled from the activities they carried out and rushed home. Apparently, the owner of the house has been in the guesthouse to collect money.

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Besides being treated to the struggle of the three and Jung Eun is working to pay for the homeowner, episode 1 also shows the scene where a meteor falls into the Waikiki Guest House. Unexpectedly, it turned out that the meteor was the answer to their distress because it was expensive. Unfortunately, they already lied to the owner of the house. Woo Shik claims to like the landlady and acknowledges his feelings. Finally, the other guys told Woo Shik to date the landowner. After all, the meteor disappeared when they came to Han Soo Yeon’s wedding and there was chaos.

Episode 2
The three friends are very surprised to see Soo Yeon hiding in the trunk of Joon Ki’s car. The girl is then accommodated in Waikiki even though Woo Shik disagrees. They start the days filled with an effort to charm Soo Yeo, even though the girl already has a future husband. Woo Shik’s girlfriend, the suspicious landowner was also fooled by saying that Soo Yeon was mentally ill due to marriage failure. Instead, to Soo Yeon, Woo Shik said that the landowner was crazy because she lost her son.

Soo Yeon who was worried about her father tried to contact by going to the man’s apartment. Unfortunately, there she was dumped and unwanted making Woo Shik, Joon Ki, and Ki Bong do a desperate attempt to break into the house of the prospective husband of Soo Yeon and accompany the girl in taking for all her property. To return the favor, Soo Yeon then sells Minky, her rare iguana to pay debts to the landowner.

Episode 3
Soo Yeon wants to find a way to pay off her family’s debt. Because of the difficulties in finding a job, Soo Yeon tries to contact Jung Eun for help. Soo Yeon was invited to become a part-time job that can do anything. On the one hand, Joon Ki tried to boost the fame of Waikiki by asking Ki Bong into joining a unique variety show program for unique people. Sadly, Ki Bong had to swim ice water in cold weather because he claimed he had never felt cold in his life.

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Disappointed, the PD of the program rushed to say goodbye but accidentally entered Woo Shik’s room and saw the oddity in his body. In fact, even though Woo Shik is strongly refusing, the PD and his friends at the Guesthouse begged Woo Shik to appear on camera. The problem is getting more complicated when someone who hated Woo Shik’s gut come to Waikiki.

Episode 4
Woo Shik hates the arrival of Yu Ri, her sister to Waikiki. Everyone was warned not to help the girl, but Ki Bong naively trusted Yu Ri and eventually became the girl’s path to enter the house. Ki Bong also hides Yu Ri until Joon Ki thinks if his friend is undergoing a hot love with one of the guests of the Guesthouse. But finally, Yu Ri’s whereabouts are known to Woo Shik.

The girl begged his brother to be allowed to stay. She even helped Woo Shik to get close to Soo Yeon and defended him in front of his rival. But apparently, Soo Yeon also admitted that Woo Shik was her first love.

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5. Episode 5
Unexpectedly, Soo Yeon was asked to meet with Woo Shik and made Yu Ri encourage his brother to turn out to only trap him with Da Young. She made Woo Shik come to the restaurant with the girl. When Da Young leaves, Soo Yeon is worried and asks if Woo Shik really wants to date Da Young.

Woo Shik thinks Soo Yeon is jealous and finally answers yes. Yuri also encouraged Woo Shik to confess his love for Soo Yeon who turned out to be a misunderstanding. In other places, Joon Ki and Ki Bong were defeated by small children. At the end of the episode, Joon Ki makes Jung Eun very angry because he misinterpreted her desire to work.

Episode 6
While Woo Shik becomes a vocal teacher, Joon Ki invites Jung Eun to the set to become a cameo. Unfortunately, Jung Eun was too stiff that it made it difficult for herself. Joon Ki who was worried about Eun Jung tried to help. On the other hand, Soo Yeon who is sad for failing to sing receives Woo Shik’s guidance.

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Unfortunately, Woo Shik was made unable to stand the girl’s voice until Yuri took him to the doctor for treatment. At the end of the episode, Joon Ki hears Woo Shik confiding in Yuri and mistakenly thinks that his friend likes her and hates Soo Yeon.

Episode 7
Joon Ki and Jung Eun get a role in movie production, Soo Yeon gets a new job, and the others are still the same. In order to explore the role, Joon Ki explores his acting skill with a beggar. As a result, his acting got the praise from PD who had thought he was indeed a real beggar.

On the one hand, Woo Shik who marched for almost a week couldn’t stand it anymore. Yuri also protested about her date with Byung Cheol for Ki Bong. Another interesting event is that there are perverts who enter the house. But instead of being angry like the others, Joon Ki even considers the person his true friend.

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Episode 8
Ki Bong who was released from the team was so sad that Yuri comforted him. On the other hand, Woo Shik gets a job in front of Soo Yeon’s colleague. Unfortunately, because of acting badly on Yong Pal, Woo Shik is afraid to work because he is worried about getting revenge. Luckily, Mi Young helped him.

Woo Shik is surprised but Mi Young claims that as the Fanclub President, that is what he must have done. The problem is that Yong Pal came and misunderstood what they were both doing. Ki Bong who had felt sad now tried to get up thanks to Yuri’s words. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong path by becoming the creator of poetry. Besides that in other places, Joon Ki rescues Jung Run from her date.

Episode 9
Yuri accuses Joon Ki of taking cash from the fund while Jung Eun has erased his fingerprints. Soo Yeon also asks Joon Ki to introduce him to a friend who is good at being a reporter. On the one hand, Ki Bong also tried to make a resume with the help of Yuri and Woo Shik. An incident makes Joon Ki help Jung Eun face fraud from Sang Woo.

He asked the man to apologize to Jung Eun until the girl was seen falling in love with Joon Ki. At home, Jung Eun became too shy that she often got angry at Joon Ki for now reason. At the end of the episode, Woo Shik and Soo Yeon fall asleep in the car together.

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Episode 10
Everyone at the guesthouse laughed at Joon Ki’s appearance on a TV program. In a way, he became quite well-known among children in the neighborhood. Joon Ki also managed to get a date that, of course, makes Jung Eun angry. His date is not as chaotic as the others. Unfortunately, wherever he is recognized, Joon Ki is dating a celebrity-style black suit.

Ki Bong also got an offer to play at an event thanks to Yuri even though he was reluctant. Yuri also continued to support Ki Bong when he did the quiz show. After various events, Ki Bong found Yuri crying and hug her. Woo Shik is drunk and accidentally confesses his feelings to Soo Yeon.

Episode 11
Woo Shik who is already very worried but is relieved since he knows that Soo Yeon is also drunk and doesn’t remember anything. Elsewhere, Ki Bong offers Joon Ki a new car but Joon Ki insists that Rebecca can still be repaired until they take her to the mechanic. Woo Shik and Soo Yeon are different.

They argue about the importance of going to the doctor while Soo Yeon wants to work for fear of being fired. Woo Shik finally expresses his feelings to Soo Yeon. Unfortunately, Soo Yeon rejects Woo Shik’s confession.

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Episode 12
Joon Ki reunites with his campus club while Ki Bong meets his friend and is offered a job. Joon Ki was also offered his friend a film project with the director. It turned out that after a while together, the friend realized that he was wrong. In other places, Woo Shik had difficulty making music. He also avoids Soo Yeon.

Then when Jung Eun and Joon Ki tried to clean the room, they found the lyrics of Woo Shik’s song that was clearly written for Soo Yeon. Eun Jung hopes that the men will like it and then laugh at Joon Ki. On another occasion, Ki Bong helped Yuri run her food truck while Soo Yeon accidentally saw Woo Shik and his friend Min Ah walking together. At the end of the episode, Yuri wakes up with Ki Bong next to her.

Episode 13
Ki Bong and Yuri slept together because last night they drank together. They have not had time to split up, Woo Shik enters and Ki Bong has to hide. Jung Eun also entered to make Ki Bong continue to hide which later could come out thanks to Yuri. Downstairs, Soo Yeon hears Woo Shik and Min Ah talking by phone.

Finally, Soo Yeon takes Joon Ki to shop but Woo Shik refuses. He chose to leave with Min Ah. While Soo Yeon also ignored Woo Shik, Ki Bong was confused by his feelings regarding Yuri which put both of them in an awkward condition. But in the end, Yuri asks Ki Bong to clarify their relationship.

Episode 14
It turns out that all this time Woo Shik and Min Ah only met to discuss his song production. Meanwhile, Eun Jung was worried about Joon Ki. In order to cheer him up, Jung Eun tells a variety of secrets in a drunken state until Woo Shik teases her out. But unfortunately, Joon Ki is not excited at all. Ki Bong himself met Yuri outside the guesthouse. They are planning on a date but it seems like it ended badly.

But in the end, Ki Bong and Yuri want to date even longer. Joon Ki also gradually accepted reality and improved himself and decided to start acting again. But friends at the guesthouse misunderstood Joon Ki’s decision and thought that he was going to commit suicide.

Episode 15
Ki Bong keeps on doing things that make Yuri a little upset. Meanwhile, Joon Ki deepens the character with his opponent, giving rise to funny scenes. Whereas Soo Yeon, without being prevented, she feels jealous with the relationship of Woo Shik and Min Ah. On the other hand, Jung Eun also becoming more attentive towards Joon Ki. Woo Shik was also suddenly sick and unconscious. At the end of the episode, it’s not Soo Yeon who is on Woo Shik’s side, but Min Ah.

Episode 16
In this last episode, there is nothing better other than to see the kissing scene between Woo Shik and Soo Yeon. Finally, both of them began to realize and acknowledge each other’s feelings. Meanwhile, Woo Shik is very angry at Ki Bong and Yuri because they are dating.

KMazing’s Verdict

If you are coming back to watch the second season of this drama, first, you need to get rid of the expectation that you have on the story. It might sound condescending but I do believe that the twist on the second season of the drama was a lil bit too weak and kinda predictable. Well, the comical scene and fresh comedy are still pretty much there but honestly, the second season of “Eulachacha Waikiki 2” is a lil bit too bland for those who have watched the first season.

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BUT, On the other hand, if you don’t know the backstory of the first season and start to watch this without any knowledge of the fist season whatsoever, I do think that the “Eulachacha Waikiki 2” is the perfect drama that portrait struggle in life especially for the millennials. It’s more than just the drama that is worth your time, but here you will find a lot of life lessons presented in a comical and fresh way.