KMazing It’s hard, nobody dares to say that a break-up is an easy phase of life. But in a way, that’s how we got tougher and learn a lot in getting a lot mature than before. The moment after a break-up will always be painful. It really doesn’t matter for whatever reason, the pain won’t be able to be detained easily.

Well, to help you ease the feeling, whether it’s crying, angry, or disappointed, here are some of the most suitable ballad song recommendations to listen to for that break-up moments!

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4Minute – Cold Rain

4Minute is one of the Korean girl groups who, even though have disbanded their kinds of music is always good to listen to. The group fronted by HyunA has released a song called Cold Rain on their album. And although the concept of girl crush sticks to us, there is this one ballad song that is guaranteed to reflect the feeling of being upset after parting from your couple. Moreover, the story carried in on Cold Rain is a story of betrayal and pain due to being lied to by their love one. The song that shows how hate and love become one is delivered perfectly by 4Minute. There is one lyric that particularly hit the spot where they sing “what’s so great about love that it can make me cry?” Ugh!

Urban Zakapa – River

The indie group is known as the ballad specialist thanks to the single “I Don’t Love You” created by Kwon Soon Il. But who would have thought that Urban Zakapa also composed a lot of songs about heartbreak that might be very, very suitable for you. The song, which is also from Soon Il’s personal experience, tells how sad someone is after being broken up but seen from someone else’s perspective. Well, here the person seems to answer their concerns that have broken up and strengthened us. Try listening to the song while reading the translation of the lyrics.

Heize – You, Clouds, Rains

Well, different from the previous song that seemed to be still fresh and just felt right when a broke-up moment storming up, on Heize’ song, the story of breaking up is going on for a while and the protagonist suddenly remembered the relationship due to a moment. Actually, at that rate, we usually don’t have any feelings left, but the memories just come to the mind and make us want to remember how silly and funny we respond after a break-up. Unfortunately, those memories also make us miss and want to repeat the past. Duh, it hurts so much!

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IU – My Old Story

The super ballad song of the singer who got the nickname “The National Little Sister” is very fitting to be listened to for those who are facing a break-up. Because the song perfectly conveying the leftover feelings to those who were far away there. This very song picturing the moments that we used to share. Moreover, IU concocted lyrics that were very touching with melodies like a lullaby. It’s kinda making you calm in a way but also throwing you back into the past.

Lee Hi – Scarecrow

Lee Hi is famous for her sweet honey voice that fit the melody right into the audience’s ear. She also got this swag that is very fitting to the image of YG Entertainment. But did you know that Lee Hi also did release a heartbreaking-theme song that in fact quite successful? “Scarecrow” tells about how a person still waiting for their loved one in the same place, with the same feeling, and the same hope. In fact, here Lee Hi openly says that even though he’s already with other people, she only hope that he knows she is still here waiting. Relatable?

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Super Junior – A ‘Good’ Bye

Aside from being known as a hitmaker for a dance song, Super Junior is also quite good in mixing it up with lots of ballad song. One of the best, in my opinion, is A ‘Good’ Bye. The song that shows the vocal ability of the SUJU members is very soothing to be listened to especially for those who are facing a break-up and planning to restart their relationship. The reason is, this song tells how happy someone will be when they meet the loved one once again. It’s also picturing how their partner remembered their sweet memories even when they broke up, the pain is still there.

Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

If you are Bigbang fans, surely you will know that Taeyang does have a suitable and golden voice to create the perfect ballad song. Predictably, after launching the Single Eyes, Nose, Lips, Taeyang directly dominated the charts. This song also originally tells the relationship between Taeyang and his wife, Min Hyo Rin. Here, “Eyes, Nose, Lips” shows how selfish a person feels because they cannot let go of a partner because they love him or her too much. Although they have left, the feeling does not look to disappear and even hurt ourselves due to the great sense of feeling.

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Jung Seung Hwan – If it is You

The most suitable song for a break-up moment which also one of the OST from the hit drama “Another Oh Hae Young” was successfully covered by Rose of Blackpink and became a compulsory song for those who are facing a hard time in terms of love. This is because the lyrics of this song seem to say to those who have hurt us, how do you feel being lied to and hurt like that. And how will you react if you are the one who was is the victim of the relationship?

2 AM – Like Crazy

It is common knowledge that the old K-Pop song is super touchy. Well, one of the groups that succeeded in being a ballad break-up specialist group was 2 AM with one of their hit song titled “Like Crazy”. This song tells how someone who still can’t move on and still in love like it’s crazy. It is true that they are angry, resentful, disappointed, but they are also still very much in love. It’s crazy, eh!?

BTOB – I’ll be Your Man

Different from the previous songs that were portraying a victim in a love relationship, here BTOB sang a song with a story where the man asked for a second chance and promised not to repeat the same mistake. In fact, the man always calls the girl in his prayer to come back and he swears that he won’t break their relationship by hurting his partner once again.

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