KMazing – TVN has always succeeded in presenting great dramas. Memories of the Alhambra, Mr. Sunshine, to the hottest drama in 2018, Goblin. Now, TvN is releasing a fantasy drama that seems to be their expertise, the “Abyss”. The Abyss itself is actually a magic stone given by the angel of death to the spirits to be able to reincarnate. However, the Abyss gave an alias to the body that was in accordance with the soul of the spirit, so it was not based on the form of his body. Sounds unique and interesting, right?

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“Abyss” is about Go Se Yeon starring Park Bo Young and Cha Min, which was played by Ahn Hyo Seop. Both of them are childhood friends where Cha Min actually liked Se Yeon for 20 years but was ignored by the girl so he decided to stay as a friend. Cha Min who died because of the death angel’s mistake was then given Abyss and rose from the dead. The angel is played by Seo In Guk and Jung So Min.

On the other hand, Se Yeon who is a friend of Cha Min is a beautiful girl and is crazy for many men. Se Yeon is killed and Cha Min who knows this then cries and uses the Abyss to resurrect Se Yeon. Thanks to the Abyss, the two returned to life but strangely with different forms. After reincarnating, Se Yeon and Cha Min then work together to find the killer of Se Yeon and take revenge.

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On episode 2, Se Yeon is aware that if she changes her body, she is very surprised. She was also very sad when she found out that she was killed. While trying to accept reality, Cha Min always accompanied Se Yeon, even when the girl wanted to investigate her death.

On episode 3, Cha Min realized that the man he saved from death was the man who killed Se Yeon. Cha Min then regretted his decision to rescue the killer and trying to fix the problem. Strangely, all things get more complicated when Se Yeon’s killer, Oh Yeong Cheol claimed to be someone else because of Abyss. The police have also pursued Park Gi Man and saved the murderer instead.

On episode 4, Jang Hee Jin who is a former fiance of Cha Min managed to escape from Oh Yeong Chol who kidnapped her. She then appeared at the police station and stand witness to the murder of Go Se Yeon. Of course, Hee Jin is lying in order to swift perception of Se Yeon to distrust Cha Min.

Cast and Characters

Park Bo Young as Go Se Yeon
In this drama Park Bo Young is playong her part as Go Se Yeon, the beautiful, courageous and clever prosecutor who is unfortunately killed because of the case she investigated. Se Yeon was then resurrected by Ahn Hyo Seop who played Cha Min. Se Yeon has a close relationship with Cha Min since their childhood and often orders him around as a messenger. She also ignored the one-sided love by Cha Min who had loved him for 20 years and instead arranged the relationship between him with Jang Hee Jin.

Ahn Hyo Seop as Cha Min
Cha Min almost killed himself because he was left by his girlfriend, Han So Hee. He also said that he had an ugly face but was rich. Cha Min died of a collision with Seo In Guk who was a death angel. He then woke up again from death thanks to the Abyss with a handsome face that made lots of women go crazy over him. When he found out that Se Yeon was killed, Cha Min who really cared about the girl he loves tries to resurrect her from dying.

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Han Soo Hee as Jang Hee Jin
Han Soo Hee plays the part as Cha Min’s girlfriend named Hee Jin. Unfortunately, she ran away after the wedding date was set. She claimed to be sick of Cha Min’s ugly face. One time, Hee Jin reappears and ask Cha Min to help her even though the girl doesn’t know if Cha Min is his fiancee. Apparently, Hee Jin is a cheater who has many victims with the same method, but Cha Min still helps him.

Lee Si Eon as Park Dong Cheol
Actually, the role of Lee Si Eon is very unique. He is the former owner’s face boyfriend who is now owned by Go Se Yeon and also a reliable detective. Dong Cheol really likes Mi Do (Se Yeon’s new face) and does everything for the girl, including taking her in the search Oh Yeong Chol.

Lee Sung Jae as Oh Yeong Cheol
By far, he is the only antagonist character in the drama. Lee Sung Jae plays Oh Yeong Cheol who is suspected of being a serial killer and is trying to kill Se Yeon. Yeong Cheol who was dead was saved by Cha Min using the Abyss and changed his form.

[Our] Temp Opinion

Apparently, due to the storyline that was felt like indulging depression, the audience immediately criticized this drama after the first episode. Various negative reviews were also spat out, ranging from Ahn Hyo Seop’s acting which was considered not comparable to Park Bo Young, the character played by Ahn Hyo Seop who was considered unpleasant, and a boring and annoying storyline.

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Honestly, based on my personal view, the drama actually has a unique story and plot potential. I do know that Abyss has already concluded but based on 4 episodes I’ve watched, it might have been filled with shocking stories. For those who love to watch Korean dramas, you guys surely know how to the story of drama with the mystery-fantasy genre will develop, and I personally do think that the story can grow more.

Finally, I think Abyss got the potential to develop more deeply into the character. The lack of balance between the main cast is quite strongly presence but Ahn Hyo Seop is one of the best rookie male protagonists out there and he deserves the chance.