KMazingThe Fiery Priest, also known as Hot Blooded is a comedy thriller genre drama with 40 episodes where each episode is 30 minutes long. The series includes a comedy-drama wrapped in a story that is full of bit from the criminal world but still gives an impression that is not too boring or too serious for the audience.

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The Fiery Priest itself was aired on SBS in the Friday-Saturday broadcast slot. The drama was directed by Lee Myung Woo accompanied by writer Park Jae Bum. In addition, The Fiery Priest also got support from lots of popular actors and actresses such as Kim Nam Gil, Kim Sung-Kyun, Lee Honey, and Keum Sae-Rok as their main cast.


The drama The Fiery Priest itself tells of a Catholic priest with anger management issue and a detective from the Gudam Police Station. The two met while investigating a murder case of senior Pastor. Here Kim Nam Gil who plays Kim Hae-II is a Catholic priest who always spits malicious comments and more of than not is rude to others. Meanwhile, Kim Sung-Kyun plays a role because Koo Dae-Young is a fussy detective but behind his nagging, he is a very timid person.

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On the other hand, Lee Honey played Park Kyung-Sun, who was a beautiful woman and worked as a prosecutor. She is a person who is intelligent, ambitious and a perfectionist in handling cases. Long story short, Pastor Kim Hae-II, detective Koo Dae-Young, and prosecutor Park Kyung-Sun worked together to investigate and uncover the truth of a murder case involving a senior Catholic priest.

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Before we go deep on the story which is superbly crafted, The Fiery Priest is also a series where you will be presented with the astonishing looks of the charismatic Kim Nam Gil and the enchanting beauty of Lee Han Nee.

Besides that, in every eposide of this drama, there is always this joke-break that can calm the nerves of the audience. Yes, even though this is included in the crime action drama, there is a touch of comedy that will reduce the audience’s tense watching it. Especially when the scene is coupled with cartoonish effects that are not excessive, but instead added the element of an epic and funny impression.

Besides that, the right chemistry between the cast is also the main reason behind the success of this drama. The totality of the cast is quite visible from this drama. Everything from the stunt into the character, the cast of The Fiery Priest did their best and the result is flawless.

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But even though the drama is perfect for those of you who like comedy, the story that flows in each episode is actually quite deep. After the drama concluded, the main protagonist himself, Kim Nam Gil explained that the case told in The Fiery Priest was more or less inspired by the case of the biggest prostitution scandal involving several South Korean celebs.

Thus, the ending of The Fiery Priest is also ambiguous. The decision is quite understandable because it turns out that this very successful drama is actually preparing the continuation of the story into the second season.

Overall, The Fiery Priest is the K-Drama that is worth the time while the balance between the serious plot with funny action scene is proportional and not too much. KMazing does recommend you guys to watch this drama.