KMazing – The Korean drama Forecasting Love and Weather has been aired on Netflix and JTBC since February 12, 2022. Forecasting Love and Weather is a drama that tells the romance of Korean Meteorological Administration employees.

It’s fun to enjoy and of course, to watch, since this television series will star Song Kang, Park Min Young and Yura from Girl’s Day.

Synopsis of Forecasting Love and Weather KDrama

The series Forecasting Love and Weather tells the story of two co-workers who have opposite characteristics. The KDrama highlights the story of Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young), a weather forecaster who is smart, detailed and disciplined. She is the typical diligent worker who always separates work and personal matters.


On the other hand, Lee Shi Woo (Song Kang) is cheerful, kind, and wants to be free. Shi Woo, the name has the meaning of “rain falling on time”. He is in charge of the special weather report division. Shi Woo deliberately tries to impresses Ha Kyung through his intelligence and obsession with the weather.

Will they be together?

The Cast of Forecasting Love and Weather KDrama

Park Min Young

Park Min Young plays Jin Ha Kyung. Ha Kyung is very professional in her field of work. Park Min Young is an actress who has already a mainstay name on the big screen.

Forecasting Love and Weather KDrama

Popular dramas that she has starred in are Queen for Seven Days, City Hunter and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and many others.

Song Kang

Song Kang will play Lee Shi Woo. He has an IQ of 150 and wants to attract Ha Kyung’s attention.

Song Kang as an actor began to skyrocket after starring in Love Alarm. He then starred in the monster drama Sweet Home and the Korean drama Romantic, Nevertheless.

Yoon Park

Yoon Park will play Han Ki Joon in Forecasting Love and Weather KDrama. He is also another mainstay actor who has been across several titles in the South Korean entertainment industry. Yoon Park acted in Itaewon Class, Mystic Pop-up Bar and Birthcare Center.


Yura will play Chae Yoo Jin in this television series. Yura is known for playing dramas in addition to being a part of the idol group Girl’s Day. Now, We Are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo was her most recent drama.