KMazing – The everlasting sexy yet fresh group sistar already disbanded, with last song and hand written mail, the girls choose not to be together anymore after 7 years of being under the group together. The question then comes up as where do the member go next ? We know that Hyorin is going to be solo singer and Dasom will follow her passion in acting but which agency they fly next to ? Here are the answer.

Bora, which now will be promoting under the name Yoon Bora is now have signed up with Hook Entertainment, the agency which Lee Seunggi was in. The confirmation of the news was reported by the star herself via her Instagram account.

“Hello, this is Bora! After seven years with Starship Entertainment, I have joined Hook Entertainment for a new start! From now on with the name Yoon Bora instead of Bora! I will work hard to show a good side to myself!”

Meanwhile, Soyou and Dasom is reportedly going to stay with Starship Entertainment. The agency confirms that the two ex-member of sistar is staying with them.

“We are so pleased to be continuing our relationship with Soyou and Dasom, with whom we’ve built a foundation of trust over quite some time. We will put our all into support for Soyou and Dasom and the growth of their careers.”

The only member, that still hasn’t decided her future is Hyorin,who is still deciding which agency will support her dream with their best effort.