KMazing – The South Korean entertainment industry never stops presenting interesting things for us. Starting from the drama, variety shows, talent events, to the latest news about the artists there. Not only the people of South Korea, whatever things happen there as if the consumption of netizens in various parts of the world.

In South Korea’s entertainment industry, an idol is a public figure who is considered multitalented because of the ability to sing, dance, and sometimes acting. The scandal is certainly a very taboo and is avoided by the K-Pop idol. However, the foresight of the community makes it always look as detailed as it is. Well, if we look at this year 2017, there are quite a lot of scandals that hit the idols. Here are several scandals that completely grab the attention of the public in 2017.

1. TOP’s Marijuana Scandal

During this time T.O.P is known as the ideal male figure that is able to attract every woman. Who would have thought if the member of this legendary boy group Big Bang stumbled on marijuana usage case in June? Instantly the news made many fans disappointed. By the time T.O.P was in the army, he reportedly smoked marijuana with a girl who is still a trainee. The police also confirmed the information by conducting tests that proved the positive usage of marijuana. T.O.P immediately apologized and reflected on the incident that happened to him.

2. Onew’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

In August 2017, the leader of SHINee’s boy group was involved in a sexual assault case. The news surprised the netizens because the figure of Onew had been known to be quiet. Onew reportedly touched a woman’s body when he was in a nightclub. The news was immediately responded by SM Entertainment. It turned out that Onew was drunk and almost fell, then he accidentally holds a woman’s leg as a handle. Fortunately, the case has now been resolved. Onew also has apologized to all parties concerned.

3. Siwon’s Dog Scandal

In November, the legendary and famous boy group Super Junior is planning to make a comeback that has been awaited for so long by the fans. Unfortunately, the comeback was not followed by a member, namely Choi Siwon. Because the 31-year-old man was stumbling the case that is quite shocking for the community.

The scandal did not directly attack Siwon, but his bulldog pet. The dog has bitten off a middle-aged male neighbor and caused him to die of sepsis (a systemic infection condition). Siwon immediately apologized to the victim’s family and settled the matter peacefully.

As a closing remark, of course, we know there are a lot more heavy subject such as thing that happened to Jonghyun of Shinee or Yoochun from JYJ, but we merely think that the cases that we presented here are the one that took the public by storm. If you think there are other more scandal in K-Pop that we need to know, never hesitate to post your comment below. Stay positive and have a great holiday!