KMazing – From the start of the rumor which goes back to the year of 2015, the next girl group from YG Ent. has ben dubbed as the next 2NE1. The surprising fact is even Yang Hyun Suk himself admitted that BLACKPINK is the second generation of 2NE1. So with that in mind it’s kinda hard to neglect the fact the two generation of idol group is comparable in almost every-way.

2NE1 and BLACKPINK concept is similar, with their edgy style, bombastic fashion and the genre which they took their music on. Both group successfully create their debut an issue in K-Pop.

The thing that set them apart is the appearance of the member of the group. 2NE1 member emitted an aura that can tell you they are bad ass and hip people. The persona in which somehow created a wall between them and other idol group. They have that ssen unnie appearance that kinda “intimidate” their rival.

While BLACKPINK member looks so nice and cute. They are all super pretty *hearts* and far from the “intimidate” aura that 2NE1 member have. One plus thing for BLACKPINK is the fact that they are so good in variety show which is rare in YG Entertainment.

Both of the group might have similarities here and there but all in all they are and have been very good with their vocal and dance performance. The only slight difference is 2NE1 is build on their abilities but BLACKPINK is *tho they are very good in dancing and singing* they are build on their visual.