The hustle and bustle of South Korean entertainment’s glittering world have made several artists or idol groups successfully dubbed as the wealthiest stars in K-Pop history. It’s already unquestionable since the development of K-Pop is increasing each year.

7 Richest K-Pop Idol in History

Groups such as BTS, EXO, and TWICE, which are very familiar to our ears, are also known as idols who are now wallowing in wealth. It’s hard to determine which idol group is the richest, but this article will estimate it for you. Check this out!

  1. Super Junior

The legend from SM Entertainment has reportedly made an annual income of 26.4 million dollars. The amount is close to 30 million if the profit from several of their sub-units is counted. Super Junior might not be trending with their music, but believe it or not, the senior group is quite happening in South America. Plus, Super Junior members are also frequently cast in the variety show, which got awesome pay.

  1. TWICE

TWICE is undoubtedly is one of the most famous girl groups in the K-Pop industry. Rumors have it that the girls from TWICE are basically funding the new building of JYP Entertainment. Making its mark in 2015, TWICE is rocketing to the peak of popularity and achievements.

Having members who come from various countries has also contributed to the expansion of ONCE. TWICE has collaborated with several well-known brands such as Pocari Sweat, Estee Lauder, and 30 other clothing brands. These gains must have been such a vast number. The count is only getting more significant with revenue from concerts, merchandise sales, and physical albums.

  1. EXO

As one of the most prominent boy bands from SM Entertainment, it is a huge sin to question the popularity of EXO. Every time the boys from EXO Planet hold a concert tour, all the tickets will always be sold out. The number in their checkbook is also significant. According to the data from 2018, the revenue from the concert of EXO is clocked at 64.5 million dollars. That income does not include income the number from world tours which reaches 40 billion. WOW!


BIGBANG has long been listed as one of the K-pop groups with the most income per member. In fact, US economic magazines have revealed the income of BIGBANG, which is around USD 44 million. At the peak of its popularity, BIGBANG even surpassed the revenue of Maroon 5, which is insane.


Seeing them perform at Coachella is already enough to prove that BLACKPINK’s coverage of popularity has reached the entire world. The online concert that was recently held is also marking the global level of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose. Their album Love Kill This Love has been sold 250,000 copies in South Korea and 350,000 copies in China. BLACKPINK has also been collaborating with global brands such as Samsung, Dior Beauty, Louis Vuitton, and Moonshot.


TVXQ has tasted the sweet taste of fame from the 2000s, which, of course, has impacted a lot on their income. So it is no doubt that the group is one of the Richest K-Pop Idol. In the first ten years of their career, the used-to-be 5-member team has sold more than 10 million copies of albums and is among the best-selling artists in Japan. Their world tour Begin Again, held at Nissan Stadium Japan, managed to sell one million tickets.

But the main talking point about TVXQ is the loyalty of their fans – Cassiopeia in South Korea and Bigeast in Japan – that is well known in the fandom universe.

7. BTS

Being a global phenomenon and surpassing lots and lots of records, BTS is the ultimate most affluent K-Pop group. The foundation between members is solid. The boys from BTS are so influential, and everything they touch is becoming a trend. The songs are very easy to follow and have succeeded in attracting anyone’s hearts, not only young people.

Besides that, the members are very talented and visually charming. It’s hard to deny that BTS is the slid number one as the group also far from controversy. This is what makes the popularity of RM, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook even more at the top.