KMazing – EXO’s Chanyeol left for military service on Monday (29/3). He became the 5th personnel of EXO to carry out these obligations. EXO fans enlivened their Twitter timeline with their support for their idol through #OurPrideCHANYEOL. The hashtag is still a trending topic on social media.

Previously, SM Entertainment, as the agency that manages Chanyeol, said there would be no special events held before the idol’s departure.

Chanyeol EXO

“The location and time of departure will not be announced. There will be no special events held,”

Before Chanyeol, Xiumin and D.O had returned to the military. Meanwhile, Suho and Chen are still on duty.

Chanyeol EXO Enlist, D.O Opens Up about Future Plans

Meanwhile, EXO’s D.O has provided an update regarding his musical plans and acting activities, having recently completed his military service.

“Hello, I have returned safely from the military. I really want to thank everyone who has been waiting for me!” the EXO member said in a live broadcast on V Live.

“I’m currently shooting a movie called The Moon (working title). I can’t tell you the details yet, but it’s really fun. So I hope everyone looks forward to it,” claims the K-Pop idol whose real name is Do Kyungsoo.

Regarding his music career, he admitted that he became interested in trying new things, for example playing musical instruments such as guitar.

“Personally, there are a lot of things I want to do while I’m in the military. I’m trying to learn to play guitar but to be honest, I’m too busy to practice much. But I’ll try again, so I’m taking a course now. I also want to share my music with you, so I really planned on it, “explained D.O.

During the same broadcast, D.O. also talked about his solo album. He said that he was working hard on the album. The songs are ready and he is working on the lyrics.

“After the lyrics are finished, I will record the song and let everyone hear it,” he said.

But when a fan asked when the album would be ready, he admitted that he wasn’t sure. But EXO’s D.O promised to do his best so that it could be released soon.