KMazing – The dilemma regarding the Joseon Exorcist finally ends with the stopping of the broadcast. The Korean drama will officially be stopped broadcast by the South Korean television station, SBS.

This is, of course, very unfortunate since it has only aired two episodes. This decision was forced to go into fruition following the controversy surrounding the distortion of Korean history.

“Because we realized the seriousness of the current situation, we decided to terminate the broadcast contract for Joseon Exorcist and cancel future broadcasts,” said SBS, quoted by The Korea Times.

The Controversy of Joseon Exorcist

Since the first episode aired on March 22, 2021, there has been criticism from the audience for allegedly distorting South Korea’s history.

Not only that but, the Joseon Exorcist was also criticized for using Chinese-style props depicting actual historical figures. People criticize the scene where King Taejong hallucinates to slaughter the innocent Joseon people and the crown prince, who later becomes King Sejong.

Joseon Exorcist

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They also drink Chinese liquor and eat Chinese food, such as dumplings, moon cakes, and century eggs, at a tavern located in the Joseon region.

After criticism emerged, the producer of Joseon Exorcist issued an apology and promised to remove the controversial scene. The decision also includes the postponement of the drama project for a week to rearrange the storyline.

However, debates criticizing the K-Drama continued in the online community, which led to several companies withdrawing their sponsorship and advertising deals with the K-Drama.

The casts of the drama, one by one, are also making the public apology, although many K-Netizens believe the cast has nothing to do with the plot of the story. Still, some of them think that the actor and actress should have sounded their opinion to escape from the flak.

Synopsis K-Drama Joseon Exorcist

The drama tells the story of an exorcist set in the early 15th century during the reign of King Taejong in the Joseon Dynasty from 1392-1910. Actor Jang Dong Yoon starred as Joseon Exorcist as Crown Prince Chungnyeong, and Kam Woo Sung as King Taejong.

The story involves getting rid of the evil spirit, which in all honestly looks more like a zombie breakout. The foundation of the drama is fiction, but the involvement of actual life figures makes it hard not to connect the dot.