After, huge success with the first mini-album “Dream” with Hopefuly Sky as the title song, Eunji – the main vocal of Apink– has released the second mini album “The Space”. Hopefully Sky perfectly articulate high level of musicality inside Eunji, the song also pick as the Best Ballad Song at MMA (Melon Music Award), Jung Eunji who was born with good voice was once a winner in the program Exciting Day Enjoyable Day by KBS Network in 2004 when she was only 11 years old. She admitted that she never had any professional training before she join  Plan A Entertainment.

credit : Plan A Ent

Her second mini album titled “The Space” is already hitting hard with single “The Spring” has conquered several chart in Korea. The song perfectly illustrated a spring theme, in addition with a remarkable singing voice by Eunji making this song is a-must-listen song to complete spring season. The song itself is about love and loneliness in silence but the song create an image of soothing thought due to the instrument playing behind. There are 5 tracks in the mini Album with two songs “The Girl’s Boy” and “Seoul’s Moon” composed by Eunji herself. “The Space” really bring the spirit of spring to your ear,  and as you listen to the track one by one, Eunji successfully deliver mood needed to enjoy flowers-bloom-moment. Check the MV here and we recommend you to listen several times, maybe close your eyes once in awhile.