There exist lots of ranges of intriguing genres to watch on Netflix Korean Movies. Themes include drama, fantasy, and mystery. In a way, the variety of Korean films on Netflix available will keep you from being weary of the same topic that is usually available on the platform.

Well, don’t limit yourself only to Korean Dramas; here are some of the greatest Netflix Korean movie choices!

Best Korean Film Netflix

The 8th Night
The Eight Night is the latest film available on the selection of the; it portrays the tale of a monk who is on the lookout for a ghost. The ghost has been freed and is capable of possessing people. If the monk fails to capture the unleashed evil spirit on the eighth night, the world will be turned into hell. This film features lots of talented young actors like Kim You Jung and Nam Da Reum.


Sweet & Sour
The lovey-dovey composition runs through Sweet & Sour for the whole film. Simply put, it’s a great show to watch in your leisure time! The narrative of a passionate pair is told beautifully in this film. Despite their closeness, the two must face the reality that the guy must work in a corporation. Both of them must go through a Long Distance Relationship and cannot spend time together as they formerly did. Jang Ki Yong and Krystal Jung star in this film, so you know what it means. Right?


On Your Wedding Day
On Your Wedding Day has the potential to be one of the loveliest films on the platform. This film follows a high school student who develops a feeling for a new student. Unfortunately, the two of them were forced to part ways until destiny brought them back together. Lots have happened since then, and now, Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang need to settle their way.


Space Sweeper
Space Sweeper is a flick that takes place in space. Fans of Song Joong Ki would not want to miss the opportunity to see this movie on Netflix. The fantasy genre Space Sweeper tells the story of a group of sweepers who collect space garbage. But, everything change when they meet a little girl. Space Sweeper is not only a fun film, but it also has a deep message about loving and protecting the environment.