Kmazing.netRunning Man is surely one nice Korean TV shows that many people love to watch. That is because there are a lot of funny moments that you can find on this TV shows. In fact, there are also many funniest Running Man episodes that will make you laugh very hard. Among all of those funny episodes from Running Man TV show, there are some of the funniest episodes that you might need to watch again. Here are some of those episodes with the funny moments that are worth to watch.

The Running Heroes for Funniest Running Man Episodes

The first one is the 216s episode. This one is considered as one of the funniest Running Man episodes because all of the audiences have laughed since the show started. The main idea of this episode is that all of the guests will be the heroes of their own, but they need to take their super power back first. To make it even better, the producer did a very great job in making all of those tests to check if the guests are able to be the real heroes of not.


One of the funny moments that you will never forget is the time when all of those guests have to dress embarrassingly on the public. One example is Kwangsoo with all of the blue paints on his body as the Avatar. The next thing that they have to do on this funniest Running Man episodes is that they have to cross a plank with their eyes closed. Actually, it is something totally saves, but the producer made the special environment that made the guests feel as if they have to walk on the plank between two buildings on the height. That is one thing that the superheros have to do.


Park Ji Sung Funniest Running Man Episodes

The next funny episode comes from the quite beginning of Running Man, episode 97. On this episode, Running Man starred one of the best South Korean soccer players, Park Ji Sung. Many people have known his skills in soccer, but there are not many of them who have learned that he was able to get the parts on the funniest Running Man episodes. Yes, at that time, he had to take over the place of the MC in Thailand. Some people will think that a soccer player does not have decent performance of this kind of thing, but Park Ji Sung proved the opposite.


At that show, when he became the MC, he bullied some other members in Running Man. As an addition to that, he was also able to blend perfectly with the others at that show. That is not something that you see every day from a professional football player. One of the funniest Running Man episodes time on this episode is the time when he finally stated that he want to ask the director if he is able to be the regulars on this show because he loves Running Man show very much. Can you imagine that?