Finally, after debuting on August 1, 2014 Red velvet fans over the world have their official name, and the name for Red Velvet official fandom is ReVeluv.

The name was first become a rumor after netizens found out that SM. Entertainment filed a trademark application to the Korea Institute of Patent Information not long ago, and on April 26, via the video uploaded on their official Instagram account, the members of Red Velvet greeted the fans and finally break the exciting news to their fans.

ReVeluv itself is lessen version of Red Velvet and Love meaning Red Velvet and their loving relationship with the fans and vice versa. It’s been 1000 days since Red Velvet first make their debut in K-Pop, the group have experienced notable recognition for their music and their performance.

Red Velvet debuted with their first digital single titled “Happiness” with 4 members at that time; Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. Later on, they added Yeri to the group. The group was formed by the “Mighty” SM Entertainment who has ton of experience in producing girl group and mold them to be one of the best in Industry, starting from S.E.S to Girls’ Generation then F(X) and lastly Red Velvet. Red Velvet is not just the name of the group but rather also work as the concept image , Red signifies Bold image and Velvet for classy side. Check out our WriteUp Profile of Red Velvet Here.








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