KMazing – Korean cinematic industry is heading toward reaching the same level as maybe Bollywood or even Hollywood, there are literally almost thousand films produced every year in South Korea. Most of them are superbly done with quality story line and highly rated post-production process but somehow left untraced due to limited publication. Here we pick several movie [some of them really underrated] with the best story line for you to watch.

10.  The King’s Case Note

The King’s Case Note is a comedy film directed by director Moon Hyun-sung. The film is based on a comic book titled Imgeumnimui Sagunsoocheob by Heo Yoon-mi. King Yejong (played by Lee Sun-kyun) is an intelligent person. He hears unsavory rumors in Hanyang and believes that something is wrong. Accompanied by Yoon Yi-seo (played by Ahn Jae-hong), the officer who takes care of the historical record, they try to investigate the truth behind the rumors.

9. One Line

Im Si-wan, Jin Goo, and a number of other top actors took part on this criminal thriller. One Line is written and directed by Yang Kyung-mo and focuses on an ordinary student, Min-jae, who meets the legendary villain, Suk-goo. Min-jae then joins the Suk-goo group for a robbery. The robbery was a success, but each of them did not trust each other. What will happen next?

8. The Proxy Soldiers

The Proxy Soldiers, also known as Warriors of the Dawn, is a colossal film played by two actor from different generation, Lee Jung-jae and Yeo Jin-goo. Taking on the background of Imjin War in 1592, the film’s story revolves around a group of mercenaries assigned to protect Gwanghae’s new crown prince during the crucial and long periods that are vital to the future of the kingdom.

7. On the Beach at Night Alone

This movie with drama nuanced was selected to compete for the Golden Bear trophy at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival. On the show also, the main actress Kim Min-hee managed to steal the Silver Bear award for Best Actress category. In the film made by Hong Sang-soo, Kim Min-hee acts as Young-hee, an actress who has faded her popularity and is caught in a special relationship with a married man. She began to get upset and questioned his lover’s commitment.

6. New Trial

The film starring Jung Woo and Kang Ha-neul tells the story of a man who was deprived of his life because he was accused of being the murderer of a taxi driver. During the interrogation, the poor man was tortured and forced to admit that it was his deed. 10 years passed, the man sought help from a lawyer who has lots of debt to clear his good name. The film is based on a true story of the Iksan murder case that occurred in 2000.

5. Moon Young

This film with drama genre is starring Kim Tae-ri. She plays Moon-young, the mute girl who always records the faces of people with the little camcorder she’s carrying. One time, unable to bear the drunken habits of his father, Tae-ri runs away from home and meets Hee-soo; they then become close. Moon Young has actually been released in 2015 at the Seoul Independent Film Festival, but the longer version was just released on January 12, 2017.

4. Confidential Assignment

Hyun Bin with full of action is presented in this drama. He who usually acts as a romantic man in the drama, this time turned into a highly trained North Korean investigator. He then collaborated with a South Korean detective (played by Yoo Hae-jin) to hunt down the leader of a North Korean organization hiding in South Korea.

3. Lucid Dream

The film that directed by debutant director Kim Joon-sung contains elements of thriller, mystery, and science fiction. Go Soo portrays an investigative journalist tracing his son who was kidnapped three years ago. with the help of a detective friend and a psychiatrist, he will try to trace his memory of the incident using an advanced technique called Lucid Dream. Kim Joon-sung is inspired to make this film from his own experience.

2. Snowy Road

This historical drama was released two years ago at the Jeonju International Film Festival and was previously aired as a special TV show consisting of two parts on KBS1. On March 1, 2017, Snowy Road was released to theaters. The film narrates the tragic story of two teenage girls during the Japanese residence in South Korea. The main role was given to the duet of teenage actress Kim Sae-ron and Kim Hyang-gi. Snowy Road and Kim Sae-ron won one award at the 24th Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

1. Ordinary Person

In 1987, an honest policeman named Kang Sung-jin (played by Son Hyun-joo) lives with his wife and son. They just want to live a simple life and work hard to own a two-story house. But one day Sung-jin is entangled in a conspiracy with the head of National Security Planning, Choi Gyu-nam (played by Jang Hyuk), after he arrests a criminal. This manipulative and cold-blooded gyu-nam begins to take advantage of Sung-jin.