KMazing – After the news about her hiatus from the group broke out sometimes last month due to her condition, now Choa is making another headline. This time not about her “problem” with her agency FNC Entertainment but dating news. According to several media in South Korea, Choa is in relationship with CEO of Nanjin gaming company, Lee Suk Jin.

Sports Seoul is the first media who sniff the relationship out of the two. In the report Super Junior’s Kim Heechul also stated as according to the report, he is the one who introduced Choa and Lee Suk Jin. After starting as a friend, the romance spark between the two and end up dating. Lee Suk Jin is also a big fan of AOA where he usually spotted attending the concert of AOA. Lastly the report mention that the relationship between Choa and Lee Suk Jin is well-known in the e-sport gamer community.


When the first time this issue broke the attention of the public, FNC Entertainment didn’t issue a statement regarding the news but later on the agency which famous from promoting band such as F.T Island and CNBlue issued a formal statement saying that

“After checking with Choa, we found out that she’s not in a relationship with him. He’s just a close friend and the earlier reports are false.” – FNC Entertainment

The confirmation from FNC Ent. create huge relief for AOA fans, as they thought it’s the wrong time for their idol to be in relationship rather than concentrating on her hiatus and making comeback to the group as usual.

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