T-ara was once one of the top girl group in K-Pop until one after the other controversy hit the group that made several member have to be dismissed. The controversy also affected to the popularity of the group in South Korea. The fans who used to be supporting them left the group bit by bit due to the bad image perceived on T-ara.

credit: soompi.com

T-ara was planning to make their comeback on May with full squad (6 Members), later MBK Entertainment postponed their comeback schedule due to polishing the final product. Now the upsetting news continued as the source inside the agency told reporters that T-ara comeback which scheduled on June 1, 2017 will be without Boram and Soyeon which will make T-ara left with only 4 members.

“While settling the details on the comeback, we were unable to come to a satisfactory agreement with Boram and Soyeon, and their plans to join this album have fallen through. T-ara’s activities as six will come to an end when Boram and Soyeon’s contracts expire. We are very sorry to have to bring such unfortunate news to fans who have cheered on T-ara for nine years. T-ara will now promote as four members with Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon. Although they couldn’t join us, we hope for a bright future for Boram and Soyeon who’ve been with us for nine years.”

During the first press released, when they first announced the plan for T-ara comeback, the agency reported that the group will be promoting with all six member though some of the member’s contract already expired by that time. The only good news for T-ara fans is that the two member which left out in the comeback plan will be performing for the last time with their fellow member at T-ara’s concert in Taiwan which will be held for three days on 12 – 14 May.

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