KMazing – One of the cornerstones of why many people like KDrama has always been an exciting tale. The richness of the tale, as well as the character relationships and development, has proven to be a key reason why Korean dramas are better to other nations’ television series.

Furthermore, the Korean drama industry is also constantly updating the overall style and tone of the series they are producing so that viewers may test out a large number of new titles in a short period of time. This time, fans of KDrama will be kept busy in February, especially with the suspense drama “Sponsor.”

The Park Gye Hyung-written KDrama will premiere on February 24 and without further ado, let’s go check the synopsis, and get to know the characters!

Synopsis of Sponsor KDrama

Sponsor has a tale about two ladies and two guys who are in a risky connection. They are obsessed with success. The four individuals are prepared to legalize a variety of methods for achieving a successful profession. Their business isn’t always pristine, so they’re doing all they can to obtain sponsors to help them succeed.

Lee Sun Woo (Lee Ji Hoon) is a ruthless photographer with a vengeance against someone. He also made a concerted effort to avenge his previous wrongdoings. Then there’s Han Chae Rin (Han Chae Young), the CEO of a successful cosmetics company who is also greedy.


Then there’s Park Da Som (Ji Yi Soo), a fresh actress looking to make a name for herself. Park Da Som is already married to Hyun Seung Hoon (Koo Ja Sung). Seung Hoon is still at the beginning of his modelling career.

Then, to what extent they will go to achieve their wishes?

Cast Profile of Sponsor KDrama

1. Lee Ji Hoon

Lee Ji Hoon will play the character Lee Sun Wo. Ji Hoon is one of the Korean actors who is actively involved on the small screen.

One of the popular Korean dramas that he has starred in is The Legend of the Blue with Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun.

2. Han Chae Young

Han Chae Young will be a CEO named Han Chae Rin in this television series. Sponsor is actually marking her comeback after she starred in A Pledge to God in 2019.

Sponsor KDrama

The most popular Korean drama she has starred in is Boys Over Flowers.

3. Ji Yi Soo

Ji Yi Soo plays the character of Park Da Som, an actress who is just starting her career. Debuted in 2015, Yi Soo has also participated in several Korean dramas and movies.

One of the titles she has starred in is When the Camellia Blooms with Gong Hyo Jin.

4. Koo Ja Sung

Koo Ja Sung will be taking the role of Hyun Seung Hoon, a new model and the husband of Park Da Som. Instead of acting, Koo Ja Sung is also more active in the modelling world!

Sponsor KDrama

One of the most famous works he has done is Was It Love with Song Ji Hyo.