Gong Yoo won Best drama actor at the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards for his perfect performance in Goblin. Gong Yoo was a heavy candidate to win the best drama actor in the award ceremony which held on 3 May 2017, the reason is his dazzling performance on one the most popular series, Goblin which engulf in the stories of complicated relationship between Gong Yoo who played Goblin and Kim Go eun as Ji eun tak. The story which took supernatural and fantasy genre really create a wave of attention that successfully grab most of television viewer in Korea.

The point of discussion is not where Gong Yoo beat another top actor such as Namgoong Min (KBS – Chief Kim), Park Bogum (KBS – Moonlight Drawn by Clouds), Jo Jung Seok (SBS – Jealousy Incarnate), Han Seok Kyu (SBS – Romantic Doctor Kim) but rather his speech. Gong Yoo was in tear when he gave his winning ceremonial speech when talking about his mother.

He started his speech with joke about his character in the drama Goblin and then later expressed his grateful feeling toward all the staff and actors that participated in the making of the drama especially the writer, Kim Eun Sook. After that, Gong Yoo left a touching message to his mother saying:

“Since I was busy going between my house and the broadcast station, my mother says that she’s become a bit disappointed in me recently. She says that I feel like I’m someone else’s son and not hers.

This is because I haven’t treated her well recently. I feel so sorry to her. I hope you stay healthy for a very, very long time.” – Gong Yoo

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