The charm of drama “goblin” lies on the cast that really embodied their character where the story also knitted perfectly, not to mention the cinematography and the camera-capturing style that almost every-time capture the moment perfectly. Perfect execution in almost every single decision made in the making of television series Goblin is a sole reason for the love it have been received by the viewer.

Kim Shin and Ji Eun tak is the main couple in this series, everybody knows that. Their worth-winning-award performance really goes along very well with every single turn in the plot. The relationship is the key in the success of the drama. Not only the main couple, but the second couple in the story also going on strong in giving a good impression on the viewer. The second main couple is the love story between Grim Reaper and the reincarnation of Goblin’s Sister. Lee dong wook and Yoo In Na is the actors and actress behind the role of the couple.

Their chemistry is second to none in the series even during their kiss scene where you can literally see the love between the cast member. BUT, during recent interview in his fan meeting, Lee dong wook reveal surprising yet fantastic fact behind their first kiss scene. He confesses that:

“That was probably January 1. It was probably very early in the morning, and we’d been filming for over 24 hours already, plus it was cold and raining. I was just thinking that I wanted to hurry up, go home, and sleep a minute longer.” – Lee Dong Wook

Wow, by hearing the feeling behind the scene we might thought that the couple will produced rather sloppy scene and will be giving less impact on our memory but not at all, the first kiss between Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na is the most memorable scene the couple have in the series.

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