KMazing – The popularity of the KPop BTS group is increasingly undeniable both in its home country and abroad. Departing from viral clips, RM and his colleagues are now increasingly appearing on various TV broadcasts and international music events. One of the performances that are proof of their existence is at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and of course, we can’t forget the United Nations speech. So what are the reasons behind their popularity?

Refreshing Songs and Stunning Live Choreography

The United States can be regarded as a barometer of K-Pop success. There are already quite a number of groups which, despite having one of the best agency, got an unsatisfying result while trying to penetrate the US market. Well, BTS presents something unique with their music. The fresh and uniqueness feel is produced from a mixture of K-Pop melodies in the rhythm of hip hop, dubstep and techno dance that can be easily accepted.

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In their song, BTS often addresses important issues related to the world. This is what confirms their character as an idol who wants to initiate issues around education, social, materialism to the growing conflict of maturity. And content like this is also easily accepted and binds the feelings of foreign listeners.

Totality and Marketing

Besides being talented in singing and dancing, BTS members also participated in creating and producing most of their songs. This is what makes them more valued than other idols who impress the agency and not true artists. Often in every stage performance, BTS always tries to surprise the audience through their dance choreography that is not easily performed by other bands. So it’s not just a good vocal sound.

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Big Hit Entertainment might not be the biggest music company in South Korea but they are always taking a good step in the way to market their boyband. The company successfully utilizes the digital world to satisfy the BTS fans. They also diligently upload quality content.

Solid Fanbase: Army + Free of Scandal

The success of BTS cannot be separated from the role of their fanbase who goes under the name Army. This fanbase is spread throughout the earth and is super loyal in supporting various activities carried out by BTS. This solid fanbase also makes it easy for BTS to be quickly discovered by new potential fans.

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source: US BTS ARMY

Scandal and rumors are classified as disasters for K-Pop idols. The most frequent news we heard nowadays is the dating news of the idols. Not only that, but other controversial news can also influence the fame and status. BTS is free from all of them, the members consider that Army is enough to fill their day and does not need to go stray to do such strange things.

Visually Attractive & Communicative Members

From the beginning, BTS brought the concept of a stubborn, brave and sensitive guy. Unlike the other K-Pop groups which sometimes relies too much on the concept of “beautiful guys”.

source: Profile Asian

Apart from having a solid fanbase, BTS member can be categorized as quite diligent in interacting with Army even though their fame has skyrocketed. BTS always tries to make time to communicate with their fans on Twitter.