Mnet is paving their way up for new season of “Show Me the Money” which this year is going fast as sixth season.  This Mnet rapper survival show will start its preliminary bout on April 29th in Incheon. According to Mnet, the audition will be held in assorted locations in Korea as well as in the US, Los Angeles and New York. While the broadcast has yet to confirm an airing date, any candidate interested in auditioning can register via their official Instagram account or the official website.

This year producers consist of the best in the industry of hip hop and huge housemaker under the name of veteran Tiger JK which will be paired with Bizzy, while hits maker Dynamic Duo will be appearing for the first time on the show. Hip hop Idol Block B’s Zico is teaming up with Dean and the last judge/producer will be Dok2 and Jay Park. The last team might raise an eyebrow because Dok2 and Jay Park is the founder and CEO of two different label company, Illionare and AOMG, respectively.

Speaking to Naver, Dok2 shared that the two of us [Dok2 and Jay Park] frequently worked together even before AOMG and Illionaire Records existed. This is already my third time appearing on the show, but it’s a whole new feeling.” While Jay Park commented “I am so glad I am teaming up with him [Dok2]. I am looking forward to create a good teamwork with him”.  Jay park participated as Producer in season 4 while Dok2 come out on third and fifth season. The MC for the show is going to be Kim Jin Pyo who has been MCing since the third season.