Hello Korea entertainment lovers! This is my first korean drama review. Why i start it with drama Bad Guys? It’s simple, because when i created this blog, i just finished watching this drama, so i still remember it well LOL. Lets get started anyway.

Bad Guys 2014 Drama Review

Bad Guys 2014


I’ll tell you guys, this drama is super amazing! One of the top action thriller drama i’ve ever seen. The plot, story, fighting scenes, the actors, the characters, the ending, and the way they pack the drama, all of them are well created. This drama is near to perfection.

I give this drama 9.5/10 (nearly perfect, and perfect only belongs to God).

This drama really made me excited and increased my adrenaline everytime i watch it, and always made me want to watch the next episode non-stop. It’s really hard to find this kind of drama, and i’m very happy to find it again finally after a while.


Bad Guys 2014 Casts

Bad Guys 2014 Casts

Yes there is Kim Sang Joong the veteran actor, Ma Dong Seok, Park Hae Jin, Jo Dong Hyuk, and Gang Ye Won who right now is in the WGM show with Oh Min Suk.

There is also Hwang Seung Eon who plays Let’s Eat season 2. I have to say that every actors and actresses have played their role really great in this drama, and they’re suitable with the character.

But honestly, i really amazed with Kim Sang Joong and Park Hae Jin. Their acting skill is first class here. You better watch it and you’ll know it. For Ma Dong Seok and Jo Dong Hyuk, their fighting act is a pro. They really satisfied me.


Well, it’s just Oh Gu Tak (Kim Sang Joong) who is suspended from Korea National Police Agency, was ordered to be the squad leader of special investigation team and catch some top class criminals/murderers that even police can’t catch.

Oh Gu Tak aka Mad Dog

Oh Gu Tak aka Mad Dog

In order to catch them, Oh Gu Tak then released 3 most dangerous criminals in prison to join his special investigation team (he uses criminal to catch criminal LOL very interesting). And also inspector Yu Mi Yeong (Gang Ye Won) joins his team, so there are 5 members in his team.

The 3 most dangerous criminals are :


Park Woong Cheol (Ma Dong Seok), is a gangster in Seoul, and the strongest person in the team. While his fist is so powerful, he also barely affected by enemy’s attack. Really strong both on attack and defense.


Jung Tae Soo (Jo Dong Hyuk), is a paid killer, probably the most skillful killer in the team. Because he has a lot of experiences when it goes to kill people. The technique, the method, he knows the best.


Lee Jeong Mun (Park Hae Jin), is the youngest serial killer ever. He killed at least 15 people at the age of 26. He is the craziest and most dangerous person among the 3. He is the one who creates many troubles in the team, and has a big secret.

Can they catch the criminals? Or maybe, can they work as a team?

Each members have their own story and secret, even Oh Gu Tak has his own secret.


There are many plot twists in this drama. So you’ll never get bored.

This drama will also give you the meaning of life, morale lessons, and more. You should, no, you must watch this drama to find it yourself. Cuz i don’t want to give much spoilers.

By the way, here is the trailer of Bad Guys drama :


Bad Guys is an action thriller drama, a lot of fighting and killing scenes happen. This drama also contains cruelness, sadist, bloody. Really not for children or people who can’t take it to see blood/wound.

There are romances inside, but just a little bit, don’t expect too high.


Jung Tae Soo with his lover

If you want to find some anti mainstream action dramas that can make your adrenaline jump high, Bad Guys is one of the answer.

How’s that? Interested to watch Bad Guys? Watch it now here.

Or, have you watched Bad Guys? Let me know your thoughts in comment below.

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