KMazing – Clara released music video for her song title “hitchhiking” and here are our official review.  Clara, mostly known for her “healthy body” and her sexy concept which for those who follow K-Pop might know. This is my personal view, so am sorry if I my word might hurt Clara’s fan

The Song

I am stunned by the beat and that’s all that the positive thing that I can extract from this song. Let’s all admit that singing is not her forte, the auto-tune is clearly there. Adopting electronic dance with high volume bass drop Clara maybe is targeting Hip Hop wave which is the trend now in Korea, but not everyone could rap like Jessi, and not everyone could just go to recording studio and produce enchanting song like the legend Lee Sun Hee. The music was okay-ish but it left no impression whatsoever on me. if you have any other good song to listen to, just listen to your playlist, but if you really want to listen to Clara’s voice in auto-tune, please proceed with cautious.

 The Music Video

Eye Candy. Heaven for Man’s Eyes. Two words one video. The MV is taking hip hop attitude and approach, Clara was seen in swag mode with using several different style which majorly associated with hip hop artist. The video keep showing Clara in every cut with several style. It’s boring. The cut was sloppy, the editing was cheap-ish, choreography not even close to be called dancing. Her body is the goal for several woman, but in this music video she seems out of place. At some point I need to stop watching because it’s awkward, she can’t even match the rhythm. Well, if you love to see Clara, you are in for the good time of your life, but maybe mute the song, you could be enjoying the MV more. Maybe.