KMazing – Due to Big Bang’s T.O.P drug test in this case marijuana resulted positive ini using marijuana, another member of the group will be also undergoing tests of illegal drugs. The information was revealed by a police source. G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri, or Daesung was tested at the same time as T.O.P, and during that time, T.O.P tested positive for using marijuana.

The time and result of the other member is not disclosed to the public. Not only involving in the tests for marijuana alone, the tests are also conducted whether they use other types of drugs or not. One member was officially disclosed negatively in a drug test conducted. He was immediately free from the investigation, unlike T.O.P who is currently undergoing examination.

T.O.P Big Bang is seen coming to meet Gangnam police invitation early Friday afternoon. Previously, T.O.P was called in for tests after a trainee who was arrested for drug cases said he smoked marijuana with the Big Bang rapper at his home. Idol who was also an actor had dodged the accusation, but finally admitted to smoking marijuana accidentally because he thought it was an electric cigarette.

YG Entertainment have bad reputation in guarding and protecting their idol from drug involvement. It’s still vivid in our mind how 2NE1’s member Park Bom also involve in drug trafficking and how the mighty G-Dragon also involved in drug using activities which lead to the vacuum of Big Bang in K-POP Industry for a several months.