KMazing – It’s Huge ! GD new album *which technically not an album, see here for the news* is getting more and more attention due to the song choices that really touches the emotion of the fans and as usual, GD’s creativity in making music, composing, writing lyrics and packaging the album is out of this world.

GD’s new self titled EP sold to public not on the conventional CD but through USB flash disk which reap attention of the public apart from the song and the artist itself. But the leader of Big Bang is not he first artis to released his music taking the USB medium rather than the conventional DVD.

If you are fans of JYP’s new boy group, GOT7, you will know this. In 2014 *CMIIW*  GOT7 released special edition of their album in USB stick in the shape of the members of GOT7. It’s quite unique and on the plus side it became collectible item for the fans.

Lee Seung Gi, the multi talented artis also released his special album in USB format, but the very first Korean Artist that adopt this medium is the rock-ballad artist, Kim Jang Hoon. Way ahead of any artist in South Korea, the veteran adopt this technology advancement in 2012 while releasing his 10th album titled “adieu”. GD might not be the first one, but the impact he made will be different, he could be creating new trend here *who knows*.

Kim Jang Hoon Album “Adieu”