KMazing – Yeayyyyy, holiday time and as K-Drama lover it’s the perfect to binge watch new drama or rewatches several series which are still stuck in our mind. Well the Hallyu Wave is global now and many great dramas are out there, but there are always one or two K-Drama that gives huge impression and memories. Here are 15 K-Dramas that drags me into the hype of Korean Entertainment. If you have any drama titles that are the reason behind the love towards K-Drama, hit us in the comment below. Enjoy and Happy Holiday!

15. Kill Me, Heal Me

This drama will invite us to think a little because of the psychology genre that it took. The problem of personality disorder becomes a central topic, and Ji Sung is given a very heavy task as the main actor because he has to act as seven characters or personality in one body. He is accompanied by an established actress with a myriad of experiences, Hwang Jung-eum. Uniquely, these two actors had previously been featured in the drama Secret Love.

14. The Master’s Sun

The horror genre in a Korean drama? few, since it’s not a popular choice. And if you have to pick as the best, The Master’s Sun is the answer. The horror of watching the ghosts milling about will soon be replaced by the flowery feeling of watching So Ji-sub’s fondness and Gong Hyo-jin. Their unique pattern of relationships adds value to this drama.

13. Moon Embracing the Sun

After performing on Moon Embracing the Sun, we have not been able to enjoy the acting of Han Ga-in. Though her acting and chemistry with Kim Soo-Hyun are highly recognized in this colossal drama. It is one of the contemporary colossal dramas that reap tremendous success post Dae Jang Geum era until Dong Yi. Astonishing cinematography blends with superb script turns into quality assurance from this high-rising drama.

12. City Hunter

The excitement of the espionage game in City Hunter may be as exciting as the romance of the two main lead, Lee Min-ho, and Park Min-young. In the drama, they fall in love, as well as in real life. They were really dating but broke up a while later. Regardless of the behind-the-scenes story, the drama still attracts a lot of viewer attention because of the great chemistry between the two great actors.

11. The Heirs

Since Lee Min-ho got his huge by taking part in Boys Before Flowers, he has now revered as King of Hallyu thanks to this drama. The Heirs have a resemblance to BBF, which both tell the story of the rich and poor character. But things are different here. The poor girl among the handsome men was Park Shin Hye. Triangle love story, friendship, and betrayal are the main themes of this bestselling drama.

10. My Girlfriend is Gumiho

If you are true K-drama lovers, you must have watched this drama at least once. This drama will instantly make anyone fall in love with Shin Min-ah or Lee Seung-gi. Their chemistry is so perfect and their role is equally unique. An ordinary student must live with a beautiful gumiho who in fact is a ghastly ghost in Korean myth. But this drama is not as spooky as imagined, it’s more towards funny!

9. Pinocchio

It seems that every internationally booming actor always play his role with Park Shin-Hye’s name in the main casting sector. This is not a figment because Pinocchio became one of the most expensive Korean dramas sold in China. Especially the main actor that brought her is super hot, Lee Jong-suk. Not to mention the row of top stars who were invited into a cameo. Drama about journalism is not only exciting but also moving.

8. Secret Garden

This classic fantasy romance presents a distinctive, handsomely chaebol character, but it’s actually attentive. The role was played by Hyun Bin, who this time had to deal with the poor girl who became stuntwoman in action films, Ha Ji-won. Their social status is like earth and sky, but love and longing in the heart are the main power. They will exchange the body mystically through magical thing.

7. You’re Beautiful

Before starring in The Heirs, Park Shin Hye has been surrounded by a bunch of handsome guys such as Jang Geun-suk, Yonghwa and Lee Hongki in You’re Beautiful. Her role is quite challenging because she must play a double role as a man and woman at once. This is a musical comedy series that until now has not been matchable by any other title.

6. It’s Okay, That’s Love

Not the usual romance, It’s Okay, That’s Love also carries the psychological element in its story. When Jo In-sung is paired with Gong Hyo-jin, then the result is top class acting because both are equally known as top actors with full of experience. This is the story of a popular mystery fiction novelist who suffers from a mental disorder as well as the story of an intelligent but inattentive psychiatrist.

5. Healer

If you want to watch a romantic drama but also a rich with element of action, Healer can be an option. Park Min-young with her new appearance played together Ji Chang-wook, who is now more attached to the action roles. Healer has a unique, fun, exciting, and hard-to-guess story. With a Korean drama style cliche that is not too much, this one drama can be one of the spectacles that is far from tedious.

4. Coffee Prince

It’s an old school one, but it’s still remembered until now. The transgender theme is nicely presented in Yoon Eun-hye and Gong Yoo. Stories about the coffee shop business and a girl who disguises being men are told with exclamation. There is also the story of a handsome young boss who finally fell in love with the girl. Coffee Prince will entertain you all who love Korean-style romantic comedy stories.

3. Boys Before Flowers

This teen drama has long been aired, but the effect is still there today. This is a drama that boosts Lee Min-ho’s name, Goo Hye-sun, and a bunch of other young actors. Now, who does not know them? If you’ve heard of F4 or Meteor Garden from Taiwan, then Boys Over Flowers will certainly feel familiar because this one drama is a remake for the Korean version.

2. Descendants of the Sun

The story of the military world is rarely presented in Korean dramas, but Descendants of the Sun is one that succeeds in presenting it well and even achieved a great success. The romance between a soldier and a doctor is in the spotlight, next to a side love story between two different rank soldiers. Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-Kyo managed to bring this drama to world level in 2016.

1. My Love from the Star

Who likes to watch a unique love story? Not between ordinary people, but humans with aliens! Yes, Kim Soo-Hyun is the figure of the handsome alien, who has lived for hundreds of years on earth. In his last weeks on earth, he is a little hesitant because of the figure of a beautiful and famous woman, Jun Ji-hyun, in front of him. The woman is so charming that the cold Soo-Hyun’s heart is melting.






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