KMazing – In the year 2017 there are a lot of South Korean box office movies grab the attention of the public, one of which is A Taxi Driver who successfully brings 12 million people to the cinema. But this time we will not discuss the top ten box office in 2017, but other films that are very good in quality and worth of the attention of the moviegoer. The following movies are definitely mandatory for you to watch if you are one of those heavy fans with Korean cinema. Enjoy!

5. Room No. 7

Starring two different generation actors, Shin Ha-kyun and Do Kyung-soo, appear in this thriller comedy. Room No.7 tells the story of Tae-jung, a part-time worker at a DVD shop who once found a corpse in the DVD room. He also told the shop owner, Doo-sik, who then tried to sell the room to hide the secret that was there. Released in local theaters on November 15, 2017, the film debuted at the box office’s first place among other films.

4. Glass Garden

Glass Garden is a mystery drama film starring Moon Geun-young. She plays Jae-yeon, a girl with defected leg, but she grows up to be a great researcher with a rare ability to communicate with nature. Wounded by her friend and her hypocritical lover, Jae-yeon chooses to stay alone in a glass garden. She then meets Ji-hoon, a novelist who is attracted to her.

3. Forgotten

Another interesting theme film is Forgotten, a thriller starring Kang Ha-neul and Kim Mu-yeol. The film tells of a man who lost his memory after being kidnapped for 19 days. Her younger brother also moved to uncover the mystery surrounding the abduction. Forgotten was released on 29 November 2017 and soon after that the film was released on Netflix and can be watched in 190 countries.

2. RV: Resurrected Victims

This mystery thriller is based on Park Ha-ik’s Nover titled It Is Over in 2012. Kim Rae-won plays Seo Jin-hong, an obsessed-up prosecutor who want find the murderer of his mother seven years ago. One day the late Jin-hong’s mother appeared in front of him. At the same time, it turns out a global phenomenon called RVP (Resurrected Victims Phenomenon) in which the murder victims returned to live to punish the murderers. Investigation even leads to Jin-hong who is suspected of killing his own mother!

1. Heart Blackened

This is Choi Min-Sik’s second movie in 2017, this time the legendary actor is accompanied by young actors such as the talent of Park Shin Hye and Ryu Jun-yeol. Heart Blackened is a remake of the Mandarin movie called Silent Witness. The story centers on an influential businesswoman who is suspected of killing her father’s fiancé who is a famous singer. The father also hired a reliable lawyer to clear his daughter’s name.