KMazing – Sweet and nostalgic, the two case of school themed television series. The conflict sometimes simple and not too heavy and the solution for the trouble is completely relatable to student life create more bond between the viewer and the story. Here are our pick for drama with school as the background of the story.

3. Master of Study

The story of the Master of Study / God of Study is more of a motivational learning activity. Of course the film titled Master of Study / God of Study is perfect for those of you who are undergoing student life.

Lots of motivation you can get in this school-themed drama such as to be a successful person does not have to be talented, but also the spirit and intent is very important to realize a desire. There are 5 main characters in this teenage drama.

2. Dream High

Dream High has a story about 6 students of art school Kirin, of course, each student has the same idreams of being a star. In this school-themed  drama, there are some world-renowned stars such as Kim Soo Hyun, IU, Taec Yeon and Suzy that the stars in this movie are quite popular among Korean drama lovers.

1. Boys Over Flower

The Classic, One of The most famous series in the history of K-Drama. Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye-sun) is a hardworking girl who comes from an ordinary family. Geum Jan-di owns a laundry shop near Shin Hwa school, the most prestigious school in South Korea.

On one day Geum Jan Di have to deliver the laundry of one of Shinhwa’s students, who turns out that the laundry is for the students who is going to commit suicide because of the stress getting bullying from F4 members. Then Jan Di helped the boy who was about to commit suicide. His action was immediately ignited the anger of the community at Shin Hwa school. On the incident Jan Di was offered a scholarship to study at Shinhwa. Initially Jan Di refused but eventually she received the scholarship because of the insistence of her family. And the story goes on..