KMazing – Korean dramas usually have at least 16 episodes. But for one famous sageuk drama or historical-themed, it can even go up to 20 episodes. However, not that many people feel comfortable and can focus on watching dramas with lots of episodes.

But calm down, KMazing teams have prepared 5 K-Drama with short episodes. Here they are!

5 K-Drama with Short Episode

Puck! (2015)

Puck! It only has two episodes. Very few, right? It is so ideal for binge-watching in one sitting. Lee Kwang Soo plays Joo Man in this drama, and it is all about the story of one man who tries hard to be the best in his team.

The K-Drama is based on a famous webtoon, plus you will get to see the serious side of Running Man’s Lee Kwang Soo.

Be Positive (2016)

If you are an avid fan of Do Kyung Soo or EXO’s D.O, you must have already known this drama where he is famously asking his parents for money. The footage actually comes from Be Positive, a short episode K-Drama that only has six episodes. Besides that, the duration of each episode is also about 10 minutes long.

Extracurricular (2020)

Extracurricular’s casting is filled with a series of young actors and actresses who are predicted to become the next generation stars due to their acting talents. This K-Drama with short episode has ten episodes that tell the story of an exemplary student who unexpectedly found himself involved with a crime. Things began to change when his friend became interested in the secret he was keeping.

Love Alarm (2019)

This particular K-Drama with short episode adopted a teenage romance plot and starred Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, and Song Kang. Love Alarm refers to troublesome technology. The technology can detect if someone likes you within a 10-meter radius. Interesting?

Trap (2020)

Last but not least, Trap that is still hotly discussed. The K-Drama with short episode tells the story of student life in their 20s with all the temptations, betrayals, envy, and jealousy surrounding them. Trap has 12 episodes that air on tvN’s D Story YouTube channel.