KMazing – Dr. Park’s Clinic is a Korean drama about physicians that are well worth the wait. The television series will show that medical dramas in South Korea don’t necessarily need to be all serious. The Webtoon-based television series will have lots of comical aspects that will make you feel at ease while watching it.

Synopsis of Dr. Park’s Clinic KDrama

The series follows the narrative of Park Won Jang, a doctor portrayed by Lee Seo Jin. Dr. Park has just launched his own practice. Park Won Jang is an internal medicine doctor who aspires to be wealthy and respected.

This inspired him to create his own practice in the hopes of making a lot of money and attracting a large number of patients. Life, on the other hand, tends to suggest differently. Reality isn’t as smooth as he wants it to be.

The Park Won Jang Clinic is devoid of patients and is even on the verge of closing down. In reality, he has a second team of physicians made up of different divisions. His misfortune did not end there. Park Won Jang was also diagnosed with hair loss.

Can Park Won Jang be able to salvage his clinic?

Casts of Dr. Park’s Clinic

Lee Seo Jin

Park Won Jang will be portrayed by Lee Seo Jin. A doctor who begins his own practice expects to be wealthy, but the reality is much different. Lee Seo Jin is a Korean actor who has been in a number of dramas and films.

Dr. Park's Clinic KDrama

In addition to movies and dramas, Lee Seo Jin is also quite active in variety shows. He is one of the regular cast for the variety show Three Meal A Day and Youn Stay.

Ra Mi Ran

Ra Mi Ran will play Sa Mo Rim who is the wife of Park Won Jang. Her character is quite unique as she trusts television medical shows more than her husband.

Dr. Park's Clinic KDrama

Widely known as one of the most highly-rated actresses in South Korean entertainment, Ra Mi Ran is active in film and drama. Two of the most famous works she has done are Reply 1988 and The Heirs.

Cha Chung Hwa

In the Dr. Park’s Clinic series, Cha Chung Hwa will portray Choi Mi Young. Her portrayal of the character is very unique and you will see it as the story develop.

Dr. Park's Clinic KDrama

Cha Chung Hwa has been busy in the previous three years, as she seems to have been performing in lots of Kdramas. She appeared in Hotel Del Luna, Mr. Queen, Hospital Playlist 2, and Hometown Cha Cha Cha, among other well-known titles she had done.