KMazing – K-Pop idols who have extraordinary talent will certainly become more admirable in the eyes of their fans. Especially if the idols have already such astonishing talents and skills even before their debut. The talents we are talking is about singing, playing an instrument, and dancing.

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Of course, having these kinds of talent will clearly improve their reputation. Well, it turns out there are some K-Pop idols who even before making their debut have already shown great prospect and talent they have through YouTube videos. There are those who even got scouted by their agencies later on after they realized the skills and talents possessed by the idols. Let’s cut to the chase, here are the K-Pop idols who kickstart their career through the help of YouTube!

Ashley Ladies Code

Ashley is one member of the Girl Group Ladies Code that has earned quite a fame before her debut, she also kinda started her career through YouTube, guys. Ashley did a cover dance through a YouTube channel called ashleych0i which then become viral.

Jae DAY6

The handsome member of DAY6 also turns out to be quite popular on YouTube. Jae of DAY6 has a YouTube account called yellowpostitman since 2009 and thru his video, JYP Entertainment is able to scout his talent.

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Members of the mixed-gender group KARD,  B.M once had a YouTube account under the username bigmatheww. In his YouTube account, B.M shows the dance talent he possessed which became one of the reasons B.M later became a trainee and officially debuted with KARD in 2016.

Yuju GFriend

GFriend is one of the most famous girl groups in K-Pop industry right now and it turns out that one of the members from this Source Music Entertainment’s group has showed her talent quite much through YouTube. Yuju GFriend once covered the soundtrack song Frozen “Let It Go”. Her cover of the song gets 470 thousand views. Isn’t that cool?

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Wendy Red Velvet

Wendy Red Velvet is also one of the K-Pop idols who has already shown her talent in singing through YouTube. Although Wendy was not the one who uploaded the video – it was her friend – but her skill can’t even deny the talent scout of SM Entertainment to be interested in Wendy.


The god-like visual Tzuyu from one of the most important girl groups under JYP Entertainment’s agency is our last pick on the list of KPop idols who got famous through YouTube before making their debut. In 2012, Tzuyu made a cover dance with her friends and uploaded it on YouTube. Through the video, the JYP’s talent team then invited Tzuyu to have an audition in South Korea. Long story short, she is now one of the most prominent members of TWICE.

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