KMazing – Robin Hood-type story is really happening now, the act of fraudster but only scamming bad people is taking the new level when the main cast is a high IQ person. This new drama starring Jang Keun-Suk and Han Yeri as the main cast and directed by Nam Tae-Jin PD and based on the scenario by Baek Woon-Chul is becoming one of the most attracted dramas produced by SBS.


A smart fraudster with a high IQ and can escape if he takes the entrance exams, but he can not be a prosecutor. Ignoring the joy and influence of the prosecutor, he makes the criminals pay for his crimes. Things that are not done by a prosecutor.

[Our ]Temp Opinion

In terms of story, this drama reminiscent of the same plot ways such as “The legend of Blue Sea”. Because both of the main actors work as a high-IQ, handsome fraudster and only deceive bad people. What makes this drama is different is in terms of the genre. This drama took romance while the other one takes fantasy genre.

In terms of acting, Jang Keun-Suk is VERY CAPABLE in enlived the character. Han Ye-Ri played a really bold character in this drama which up until now looks very natural. Overall, this drama is on a scale of a really recommended one to watch. Though it’s a little bit too much “drama” and a lot less special moment in the plot. But the acting of the two main cast is what makes this drama special.