KMazing – The Queen of K-Pop is still leading fast in their 10th year of being involved in the industry. Girls Generation have set the bar that is so high that they literally create a new standard for any girl group to become “Nation Girl Group”. It’s normal for group that have been long enough slaying the industry is getting less and less publication but that’s not the case with this special group.

The girls have been amazing throughout the years but still the fans are quite upset with the fact that the members are rarely seen getting together. The crave finally over after W Magazine posted a photo of all Girls’ Generation member celebrating their 10th anniversary together. The girls are on their special anniversary photo session for the W Magazine

As if they can hear the complain from the fans, SM Entertainment also released an official statement regarding Girls’ Generation comeback plan which is going to be happening in August. The long awaited comeback is to celebrate the 10th years of staying on the top level of K-Pop industry.

“Girls’ Generation’s 10th year anniversary is coming up in August and to celebrate that milestone, Girls’ Generation will be coming back with their 6th full-length album. This will be their first album after 2 years since their 5th album, “Lion Heart”,  released on 2015.”
— SM Entertainment