KMazing – Dramas with the thriller genre can be an alternative for KDrama lovers who are fed up with the rom-com genre. In addition, television series with this particular genre also has a deep level of storyline. One of the latest Kdrama with the thriller genre is Grid. The series that aired on Disney Plus is getting the hype since the lineup is filled by several well-known stars in South Korea.

Synopsis of Grid KDrama

Grid tells the story of a group of people who are hunting for a mysterious figure known as The Ghost. First introduced in 1997, The Ghost appears by saving humans and then disappears without a trace. 24 years later, since the mystery of the disappearance without a trace, The Ghost has reappeared.

However, his arrival this time aids the apprehension of a serial murderer. On the other hand, there is Kim Sae Ha (Seo Kang Joon) an employee of a government agency known as the Bureau. Kim Sae Ha has spent 24 years tracking down The Ghost and is always looking forward to his next action.


Jung Sae Byeok, portrayed by Kim A Joong, was also there, a detective who was also investigating The Ghost’s case. She is dragged into the case of hunting The Ghost after finding clues that re-open a dead-end case.

Tensions escalated when the two of them tried to capture the figure of The Ghost with their respective agendas. However, what secrets and truths will they discover in the process of hunting The Ghost?

Grid KDrama Cast Profile

Seo Kang Joon

Seo Kang Joon portrays Kim Sae Ha in the television series Grid, a member of the Management Department who is obsessed with The Ghost. He was the first to report the occurrence after meeting the murder suspect in person.

Seo Kang Joon is widely known as one of South Korea’s most promising young actors. The 28-year-old actor made his acting debut in the drama To the Beautiful You, in which he had a minor part (2012). When he featured in the drama Cheese in the Trap, he gained a lot of attention (2016).

Seo Kang Joon is currently completing his military duty. He had, however, completed shooting for Grid’s play before enlisting.

Kim Ah Joong

Kim Ah Joong will also be the main character of the drama Grid in which she plays Jung Sae Byuk, an investigator who tries to track down The Ghost after witnessing an incident involving her.

Kim Ah Joong has been practising as an artist in South Korea since 2004. In the play Emperor of the Sea, she made her long-awaited acting debut (2004). When she portrayed Jenny in the film 200 Pounds Beauty, Kim Ah Joong became a household name and since then, her works have been gathering quite an attention.

Kim Moo Yeol

Kim Moo Yeol plays Song Eo Jin, a colleague at the Management Department who doesn’t believe in The Ghost’s existence. Song Eo Jin was also determined to leave the Management Department immediately. However, his thoughts changed after getting an official report about someone who disappeared right in front of the public.

As an actor, Kim Moo Yeol rarely starred in dramas and was much more involved in a number of popular South Korean films. Some of the films he has starred in are The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil (2019), Honest Candidate (2020), and Voice (2021).

Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young plays The Ghost. She was a key figure in Grid’s drama who was chased by four other people with different goals. She becomes a mysterious ghost who saves humans and then disappears. However, she reappears after 24 years and helps a serial killer.

Lee Si Young is a household name in the realm of entertainment in South Korea. Her last major work was in the Netflix drama called Sweet Home in 2020.