A lot of people have asked about how to highlight your own hair. It is believed that highlighting your hair is going to add more dimensions to the hair, making it even more attractive and making it looks more vibrant as well. This is basically why numerous people decide to give highlight to their hair.

Highlighting your hair can be done professionally. You can easily go to a salon and get your hair highlighted there. However, if you are on budget or you do not trust strangers touching your hair, highlighting can be done on your own instead. It is perfectly simpler and way cheaper for sure.

For those who have never highlighted their own hair and want to start right now, here are some steps that you should follow. Take your time to read the information down below to make sure that the highlighting process is going to be smooth and the eventual result will be stunning.


How to Highlight Your Own Hair Step 1: Choosing the Color

The very first thing that you have to do is choosing the right color for the highlight. The point of highlighting is basically adding different shade of color on some strands of hair. The color must be noticeably different. Follow these steps to start your process on how to highlight your own hair.

  1. Consider the Lighter Shade

Highlight should be noticeable. It is believed that the formula to get the right color for the highlight is to take two shades lighter than the natural shade of the hair. Consider this when you are choosing the color so the result of this hair treatment won’t disappoint you.

  1. Consider Your Natural Shade

There are certain colors that will match for blonde hair and won’t do for brunettes. It happens that way, too, for darker black hair, silver hair, redhead, and other hair colors. This is the reason why natural shade of your hair needs to be taken into consideration first.

  1. Consider Bleaching

If you just want to take the highlight to the lighter side of your natural hair color, you can bleach the hair first. Bleaching will add more opportunity for the hair to get colored in lighter shade and the result will still be noticeable.


Step 2: Prepare Tools and Coloring Product

You need to be aware that there will be quite a lot of tools and products involved in the project of howto highlight your own hair. These are several tools and products that you surely need to prepare. Make sure you have access to get them or to buy them nearby.

  1. Preparing Protecting Tools

Hair dye contains chemicals. That is for sure. Some of those chemicals may cause burning effects on the skin. Thus, avoid direct contact with the products by using protecting tools, including gloves and Vaseline to be applied on the scalp.

  1. Preparing Applicator Tools

Applicator tools in this case are including a plastic bowl, a small brush, and some sheets of aluminum foil. It helps you applying the hair coloring products easily on the hair. Prepare all of them way before the coloring process starts.

  1. Preparing Hair Coloring Products

Now the most important step is to prepare the hair coloring product. There are tons of them freely sold at stores. They are easy to get and cheap, too. Buy the best of them, according to reviews or according to some advices from hair stylists.


Step 3: Perform Strand Test

One of the best tips on how to highlight your own hair is not to skip strand test. What is it? It is a test to apply the color to one hidden strand of the hair to see whether or not the color will work with the rest of the hair. Here’s how to perform a strand test.

  1. Select a Strand

Select a strand to be tested. The strand should be a hidden one. It should be that way so that when the color does not work out; the strand of hair can be concealed easily on the back of the head or covered with a bunch of hair afterward.

  1. Apply Coloring Products

Mix the coloring product according to the package. Mix just a little amount of them in order to do this test. Then, apply the product on the back of strand of hair that you have selected earlier. Use gloves and sheet of aluminum foil to help this process.

  1. Wait and Wash

Wait for the color to work out (according to package). Then, wash the strand of hair and dry it out using hairdryer. Now step in front of a mirror and take a look at the strand. Decide whether or not the highlight works by this point.


Step 4: Dyeing Your Hair

The most important part is to dye your hair. After all the preparations and test, eventually you can jump into this process. Follow these steps to eventually get to the point on how to highlight your own hair. Here they are for you to read carefully before applying anything.

  1. Prepare the Color

Mix the hair coloring products. Read the instruction on the back of the package very carefully. Usually there will be two tubes of creams to be mixed. Mixed them well on a bowl and make sure they are ready to go.

  1. Divide the Hair and Apply Color

In addition, the hair should be divided into several sections. If you want the highlight to get really noticeable, part the hair into 12 different parts. Then, apply the dye on each one of them using the brush and the aluminum foil sheet.

  1. Wash and Use Toner

When the wait is over, you need to wash your hair with mild shampoo. After the hair is clean, apply hair toner. It will protect the hair and enhance the color effect on the highlight. Then, dry your hair using hair dryer. This is the last step on how to highlight your own hair.