A natural red hair color chart is something that you are going to need when you are a redhead. Even though the color of the hair is “red”, you need to know that there are numerous shades of red. That is why the chart is needed. It will tell you exactly where you hair color belongs. When you do not have this chart, it will be slightly harder to determine how “red” your hair color is.

Redhead is often called with different names, including ginger. However, those colors are quite different even though they are in the same family. To find out more about the hair color, you need to know the chart and you also need to know more about some of the most popular shades on the chart. The information about it will be shown down below.

All you need to do is just reading the information available over here and then looking for the natural red hair color chart. When the chart is located, simply compare your hair to the chart. The chart will tell you exactly how red you are and which shade of red your hair really gets. It works well, too, for those who want to go red on the head, even when their natural hair color is not red.


Natural Red Hair Color Chart Usage

The first thing that you need to know about the natural red hair color chart is its usage, of course. Even though some of the most essential usage of the chart has been explained briefly up there, you need to know its detail. Here is the information about the usage of the chart that everyone needs to know. That way, they won’t even question why the chart is needed in the first place.

  • Determining Your Real Hair Color

The first usage of the chart is to determine the real shade of your hair. As you can tell, there is more than just a shade of red. As the color will be different from one person to another, you can simply use the chart to inform you exactly what color of red your hair is. It is so important to find out as it can help you determine the right makeup shade and outfit every day.

  • Guidance for Red Hair Coloring

Becoming a redhead is not something quite common. However, some people love to dye their hair red. When you are naturally a blonde or a brunette and you want to color the hair red, you need the chart to tell you exactly what color you need to have. Red is not just red and there are several others, too, worth trying.


#1 on the Chart: Classic Red

When you are about to go redhead, the kind of color or shade that appears on your mind is probably this classic red color. This red color is very vibrant and spot on. It looks very eye popping and everyone won’t have hard time finding you in crowd when you have this hair because the hair looks so bold. This classic red is always on top of the natural red hair color chart.

  • The Color Characteristics

The main characteristic of this red color is its richness. The hair is really rich of red color and you do not even have to question whether the color is auburn/ brown or red because it is definitely red. It is like the reddest one on the chart. It is almost as red as classic lipstick color. That is why it is so popular all the time.

  • What’s Good about the Color?

The good thing about this color is that it is big and bold. Anyone using this color on their head won’t be someone who are shy and have timid personality. This hairstyle is noticeable everywhere and it is about to enhance the way you look. The hair is also great to be styled with anything, including long, wavy hair as the red color is about to elevate the look.


#2 on the Chart: Ginger

Ginger is also in the family of red head. That is why it is there on the natural red hair color chart. The hair is rather orange than red. Even so, it is like the combination between red and orange so the shade is a little bit lighter but very vibrant, too. This is more information about the ginger color. It will give you the hints of the look of the hair color as well as the benefits of those who are born with this red color on their heads.

  • The Color Characteristics

Ginger has the characteristic of being a little bit orange. The orange is just like the hint, though. So, it is like the fire or the autumn leaf. You can definitely fall for this color as it is vibrant, strong and surely going to make you stand out.

  • What’s Good about the Color?

The color is very bright, allowing you to match the color with any deeper tone on the outfit. It works well with black, brown and other deeper tone. You can rock this ginger hair on top of your head quite easily.


#3 on the Chart: Strawberry-Blonde

Even though there is “blonde” in the name, you can tell that strawberry-blonde is in the family of red hair. You can find the color on natural red hair color chart all the time. This color is like the combination between deep blonde and red color. As the result, the hair looks a little bit red but lighter because of the blonde tone. Learn more about the color over here and you will find out why the color is really interesting.

  • The Color Characteristics

Strawberry-blonde has one unique characteristic: luminous. Yes, this hair color is lighter version of red. The hair looks lighter compared to classic red or ginger. It looks sweet sometimes and it is like the cheerful color of red.

  • What’s Good about the Color?

The good thing about the strawberry-blonde color is the fact that this color is not very bright. If you do not like bright color on the head, you can simply use this color. It is perfect for those who do not want to go blonde but scared of getting too much redness on their head. All you need to do now is just go looking for this shade on the natural red hair color chart.