There are a lot of methods to touch up hair coloring. When your current hair color is not your natural one, there must be something to be done to keep the color popping and not fading away that quickly. This is the reason why maintenance or touching up is mandatory. Usually, people with colored hair will go to their salon or hairdressers to get the fading root done or re-colored. However, not everyone has the time or cash to go back and forth visiting hair salon. For this reason, understanding DIY methods of keeping the hair color nice and gorgeous is pretty much a mandatory thing.

Thankfully, keeping the hair color, especially the root, nice and dashing is not very hard to do. There are like four different ways below that will show you exactly how to keep the colored hair from fading away. Follow them carefully, and you do not even have to contact a professional hairdresser or salon person to cover up the root and re-color your hair. It will save your time, money, and it will most likely to boost your confidence. You will appear physically dashing, especially with the hair color you like.

The thing about DIY touching up for the hair is that it is not in everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you find you cannot keep up with the process, just leave the cover up to the professionals. You can also ask for someone else’s help, especially when the method you choose for the covering is the one involving a lot of kits and tools. Regardless, at the end of the day, the result of the hair re-coloring will be dashing and it will help improving the way you look. It all starts by understanding exactly how to touch up hair coloring.


Touch up Hair Coloring by Using Toning Shampoo

The first method that will be explained here is the one using toning shampoo. This kind of shampoo is not your regular, day-to-day shampoo to keep the hair and scalp clean and healthy. Toning shampoo is packed with certain chemical ingredients that will help covering up fading color on the hair. For those who want to touch up hair coloring using toning shampoo, here is the further information about it.

  1. What Toning Shampoo Does?

The main function of toning shampoo is basically keeping the yellow color off the hair and it also keeps the brass tone of the fading root away. Toning shampoo makes the colored hair (especially blonde) even from the root down to the entire part of the hair. It is easy to use and it usually comes with conditioner as well.

  1. How to Use Toning Shampoo?

Using the shampoo is quite easy. It is like using your regular shampoo. The hair must be wet or damp at least. Then, pour the shampoo over your hands and then scrub the shampoo on the root until it is foaming. Then, leave it for several minutes before rinsing the hair and clean up the shampoo off the hair.

  1. Types of Toning Shampoo to Buy

Toning shampoo is usually available for blonde hair. A lot of people with darker shade of hair will most likely go blonde and their hair root will fading and showing the hair’s natural color easily. However, you can also find toning shampoo for red hair and balanced toning shampoo as well (usually in the color of purple). Always read the label before buying the shampoo.


Using Root Concealer Spray

When using shampoo is too much work for you and you need to do the touch up quickly every day, then the method that you should use is by using the root concealer spray. This is like a can of hairspray. Inside the aerosol can is a coloring liquid that will temporarily cover up the fading hair color and make the entire hair color looks stunning and even. Learn more about the spray to touch up hair coloring here.

  1. How the Spray Works?

Back when you were younger, you must have used that can of hair coloring spray that will add popping colors temporarily to the hair. Yes, the concealer spray is exactly like that. However, the liquid inside the can is bringing back the tone the fading hair root. The spray is light, easy to find and everyone can use it effortlessly.

  1. Tips When Using the Concealer Spray

When using the spray, try not to overdo it. Usually, the spray is quite effective in covering up the fading hair color so that you do not have to use a huge amount of them. Keep the distance, around 15-20 cm from the hair and then spray the aerosol can all over the hair, especially on the root.

  1. What to Consider before Buying the Spray

Several things to consider when buying the spray are probably the type of color it offers and then the ingredients as well. If you know that your scalp is pretty sensitive, make sure that the aerosol spray does not contain potentially harmful substances like parabens or mercury. Instead of coloring the fading hair root, it will irritate the scalp and damage the hair for sure.


Using Root Covering Powder

Root covering powder is basically just like the concealer spray, but in powdered form. The nature of this method is temporary. So, it won’t work for you if you wish for a permanent or long-lasting cover up for the hair. However, this method is quick and everyone seems have zero problem in applying the powder to their hair in the attempt to touch up hair coloring every day. Find out the information about the root covering powder below.

  1. Benefits of Using the Powder

Root covering powder offers several benefits that you will probably like. However, the best benefit is probably the fact that it is less messy. Using spray can be problematic as it can go onto the hair or even getting into the eyes (which is dangerous). Powder can be applied very easily without any difficulties or risk. It takes less time and it works well for everyone.

  1. Applying Root Covering Powder

To apply the root covering powder, you will have to make sure that the hair is 100% dry. The powder won’t work on damp or wet hair. It will turn into mush or paste when it is mixed with the wet hair situation. Apply the powder by dabbing the applicator or the sponge onto the fading hair color. Make sure you apply it evenly and then your hair color will look even again.

  1. When to Use Root Covering Powder

The right time to use the powder is when you expect for temporary result. Bear it in mind that the powder will wash away once you cleaning up the hair using water and shampoo. This method won’t be suitable at all for those who expect the fading hair to be colored permanently. The color won’t stay for that long and it is just for the quick cover up every day basically. It won’t give you the permanent result and never will. If you wish for permanent result, you need to read the next method offered here.


Using Root Touch-up Permanent Cream

The method to explain here is the permanent one. It will most definitely cover the fading part of the hair for a longer amount of time. It is like coloring your hair in the first place as most of the cream products will have to be applied to the hair in the same way as a regular coloring kit. If you want to use this method to touch up hair coloring, you should read some of the explanations about the method below.

  1. How Does the Cream Work?

The cream works just like the DIY coloring kit. There are two types of the cream: the ready-to-use one (premix) and the one that you have to whip up before using them. Both of them work exactly the same, the substance in the cream allows the fading hair to have even shade as the rest of the hair.

  1. Advantages of This Method

The main advantage of this method is the length of time. This is a permanent cream so that you know the effect will last for a long time. Unlike the shampoo, spray or powder that will last for a day, this particular method will make sure that the colored hair stays nice and well-colored for months. This is why everyone loves doing this hair touching up method.

  1. Tips When Using the Cream

When using the touch-up permanent cream, you should consider several things. First, make sure the shade of the cream is lighter than your current hair color. Second, do not forget to wear latex gloves when getting near to the cream. Third, if the cream has to be mixed with something else, like a thinning solutions or anything like that, use plastic bowl instead of metal bowl to avoid the disaster in the attempt of touch up hair coloring.