Finding bubbles in nail polish will surely ruin your relaxing moment or your working shift if you are working as a nail technician. Unlike splotches and any other minor flaws, there are not many quick and easy ways you can do when you find buried bubbles stuck in your nail polish. What’s worse is that you can’t really tell if you have a bubble finish before your nail polish is dry. No matter how expensive your nail polish is, you will likely find bubbles once you finished painting all your nails. All those bubbles are bound to show up and ruin your nail finish. It’s really maddening knowing all that tedious work and a considerable amount of time you have to invest in stripping your nails and repeating all the process again from scratch.

If you have lingered over your nails, carefully put the nail polish brush at the right angle, and decided that this time you will get a perfect result, but only to fail, then there must be something go wrong with the way you apply the nail polish, or maybe there are other potential factors. Would it not be great to find out the cause of the emergence of bubbles and simply remove them right where they appear?  A little more caution will surely save you time and cost on supply costs.

However, all those bubbles can sometimes appear because of the oil or moisture contained in the nail polish or even the ambient humidity in the air. The bubbles may occur if the nail polish you are using is too thick, not in use for a long time, or low quality. Bubbles are undoubtedly the nightmare of the manicure, but it does not necessarily mean they can’t be fixed. Let’s proceed to the following sections where you will know the cause of bubbles in polish and what you can do to prevent or remove it.


Why Your Nail Polish Bubbles

Every now and then, the query arises as to why nail polish while or shortly after swiping a layer of polish bubbles. This certainly won’t make the finish look good. Read on to find out the main reasons for the nail polish bubbling.

  1. Oil or Alcohol Residues

The main reason why you find bubbles in your nail polish finish is that you clean your nails with nail polish remover or disinfectant right before you apply the nail polish. The nail polish will react with the alcohol or other substances left on your nails, which leads to awful bubbles. Apart from that, the residues of body care products such as nail oil or body lotion can also lead to hideous blisters.

  1. Applying Too Much Nail Polish

Applying more than one layers of nail polish to your nails without letting the previous layer to dry first will obviously lead to bubbles. Bubbles in nail polish will also occur when you apply too quickly and too much nail polish after another. That is why, it would be best to apply each layer of nail polish as thin as possible and wait for several minutes prior to applying the next layer.

  1. Temperature

Nail polish should usually be stored in a room with no direct sunlight at room temperature. They shouldn’t be stored in a place that either too warm or too cold. That is why do not ever put your nail polish in the fridge since the cold temperature will thicken the polish and cause bubbles when you apply it.

Naturally, the nail polish will warm up when you put them at room temperature. You can take the nail polish out of the fridge for a few minutes to cool it down. Make sure you stay inside a room when you polish your nails to prevent bubbles from appearing.


How to Prevent Bubbles in Dry Polish

If you have spent hours applying a layer of nail polish, but you still notice a bubble, there are some reasons why it occurred and the fixes that you have to know.

  1. Pay Attention to Excess Oil and Sweat

When it’s humid, and your hands are sweating, the bubbles may appear when you finish polishing your nails. To minimize the moisture, apply the nail polish in a room at a cold temperature or wait until the night comes before doing your nails.

  1. Thin the Nail Polish Away

If you notice tiny bubbles in your nail polish finish, there’s no need for you to be panicked. Small bubbles can still be smoothed out by using polish thinner. Gently brush the bubbles from the cuticle section to the tip of the nails in one to two continuous swipes and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Reapply polish thinner to the area with bubbles. This works well with a bunch of tiny bubbles in your polish finish.

  1. Use Cover Up

Tiny bubbles in nail polish can sometimes appear out of nowhere when you think you have a perfect polish finish. You may be able to cover the small bubbles with a top coat over your nails that have been polished rather than starting all over again.

The additional layer and improved polish are able to reduce the presence of the bubble. They can also add some pressure to smooth out the bubbles. If you don’t have a top coat product or don’t feel like to use it, applying a new nail polish layer may do the trick as well.

  1. Use Nail Art Accessories

If all the methods above are failed, you can always choose the easy way out once you notice a bunch of large bubbles in your nail polish finish. You can use nail art accessories such as stickers, nail decal, or any other enhancements that you find interesting to cover the bubbles.


How to Prevent Bubbles in Wet Polish

Just like any other body care products, nail polish is also made using complicated formulas only known to their corresponding manufacturers. Changing the brand of nail polish can sometimes be an ideal way to remove bubbles. If you keep finding the bubbles in nail polish even after changing the product, these simple tips below might help.

  1. Make Sure to Always Clean Your Nails

Your hand skin tend to release oil and humidity that often move to your nails, forming an unseen and acidic layer that will blend with the nail polish and cause issues, such as creating bubbles. Make sure to always wash your hands with water and soap and clean your nails with a soft brush before applying the nail polish. It would also be great to clean the underside of your nails. Take a couple of minutes to dry your nails thoroughly. Even if your nails may look dry, the surrounding folding skin may still be wet, so wait at least ten minutes before applying the nail polish.

  1. Close the Windows

Airflow can cause an effect on your nail polish finish, especially when it is humid. Therefore, make sure to apply the nail polish in a large, open space inside your home because this nail product can generate hazardous fumes.

  1. Roll the Nail Polish Bottle

Prior to applying the nail polish on your nails, make sure to roll the bottle first to blend the polish and not shake it. Although the content inside invite you to shake it vigorously, try to resist the temptation. It’s because once you shake the bottle, the nail polish finish might not be as good as you expect. Also, tightly seal the cap once you finished polishing your nails so that the contents will not dry before you use it again.


How to Remove Bubbles in Nail Polish without Ruining the Mani

Many of you must have noticed bubbles in your nail polish finish at least once. If you are experiencing this issue for the first time, try to get to know what caused it. Was it a new nail polish brand? Have you thoroughly washed your hands before applying the nail polish, and many more? Once you know the culprits that causing the bubbles, now you know what you should do to avoid it in the future.

Follow these simple tips below to get rid of the bubbles without ruining your nails:

  1. By using a brush, apply nail polish thinner over the polished nails that have thoroughly dry.
  2. Make sure the polish thinner is thoroughly dry. If there is no bubble, apply the top coat. If you still notice the bubbles in your nail polish, do repeat the step 2 right after the first layer of polish thinner is thoroughly dry.
  3. If you are happy with the result of the nail polish finish, try to cover it with a top coat product.

Suppose it’s the first time you try using nail polish. In that case, there are some essential things to consider avoiding the bubbles from appearing in your nail polish finish in the future are:

  1. As already mentioned above, make sure to wash your hands and thoroughly dry it before applying nail polish.
  2. Do not use hand lotion prior to applying nail polish
  3. Swab each of your nails with pure acetone before using the nail polish. You just need a light swipe for each nail.
  4. If you use new nail polish, start to apply a thin layer of polish and build up. Thicker layers will usually lead to bubbles in nail polish. This is the main issue for those who are impatient.