For plenty of people out there, purple shampoo is still a thing of mystery. This color tinted products for hair is often dubbed as a magic, revolutionary item that has ability to turn the brassiest and dullest light-colored hair into shiny strand – well, at least supposedly. There are still many questions surrounding it, like what does purple shampoo do, how to use it properly and how often one should use it. Luckily for those of you who still curious about it, the answers are available below to address all the hype about this particular product.

A lot of things might make your light-colored hair being prone to discoloration, including pollution, build-up of chemicals in hair treatment products, heat styling tools, swimming water, and many others. It can be really upsetting to see how your lustrous golden locks that used to make people envy slowly loses its brilliance. You sure don’t want to be discerned over how it transform more yellow, orange, or platinum. This is where purple shampoo plays its role.

If you aren’t familiar yet with this item, seeing it for the first time can be a bit surprising. Purple liquid comes out of the lid when you squeeze the bottle. However, don’t be freaked out yet. The color and formulation are specifically built to bring back the bleach blonde color by neutralizing brassiness in your hair. Especially if you originally have darker hair color thus doesn’t have reason to be knowledgeable of blonde’s hair care regime yet. However, as now you are interested in knowing what does purple shampoo do and other information about it, it’s time to gather everything you need to understand about this hair product. Keep reading the following explanation to get to know how it works and the best way to apply it to your precious hair.


What Is Purple Shampoo?

Even a natural blonde hair won’t look perfect without proper care, much less a hair salon-invented blonde tone. If you are included in latter category, then you must already know beforehand of how crucial is color protecting process to create the best look of your shiny lock. Blonde hair with cool tone may become warm over time and carry brassy tint within it.

By this point, your hairstylist probably has recommended you to use purple shampoo. It is a common product to use on light colored hair types, such as blonde, bleached, pastel, silver, or white hair. These colors have higher chance of being benefitted by color neutralization.

So, does that mean purple shampoo won’t give effect to darker colored hair? Its benefit is likely to be less effective because purple itself is a close color to brown and black, thus they won’t counteract much. However, you may still need to utilize this product if you are a brunette with some highlighted strands. What does purple shampoo do to brown hair, anyway? It will neutralize orange or brassy tone so your highlights look more stands out and fresh.

When you are washing your hair with normal or weak purple shampoo, it will get diluted and rinsed out by the water. That’s why you need to look for shampoo with high purple color intensity to get proper color-correcting effect. Yes, the dark dye might stain hair, towels, or even your clothes and turns out to be super messy – so consider yourself to be warned.

To sum up simply, purple shampoo is an effective hair product for lighter hair and darker hair with highlight because of its neutralization function. It’s an amazing toning hair solution at home and easy to incorporate to your usual hair care routine instead of paying a visit to your favorite hairstylist.


What Does Purple Shampoo Do to Hair?

Before you try to learn further of how purple shampoo work, it is better to understand what is brassiness actually first. Brassiness is a common problem in light-colored hair that causes the strands to have undesirable yellow and overly warm tone. Brassiness can be caused by multiple things, for examples water that contain chlorine and mineral impurities, or sunlight’s harmful UV rays. Brassiness is a typical issue for both natural and dyed blonde hair, due to damaging exposure and time effect.

This is where the product will provide help for you. Purple shampoo has capability to cleanse your strands. As the name implied, it contains purple pigments to bring cooler tone. It’s pretty much serves as toner to return your hair into fresh blonde color and eliminate brassy shade. Utilizing purple shampoo is a crucial part of making your light-colored hair looks refreshing and vibrant in good way.

You might wonder by now, why purple though? You may remember the color wheel theory during art class at school. Purple color sits at the opposite side of yellow color, therefore it is capable to neutralize and counteract any yellow tone. Both purple and yellow shades are liable to cancel each other out. That’s why this hair product with heavy pigment will color correct the yellow and brassy tone, in order to restore your previously cool toned and bright hair color. By using the item regularly, you will be able to maintain fresh hair color and control the brassiness. It is such a simple addition to your hair care regime that will create noticeable difference.

As addition, you can also get purple conditioner beside purple shampoo. Together, they will make a great combination of proper dyed hair routine and helps you to lessen salon visits for touch-ups because it extends the durable of hair color.


How to Use Purple Shampoo Properly?

As mentioned in prior, there are so many factors that may make your beloved stunning blonde hair turns brassy, such as constant UV ray exposure. It doesn’t help too if you’re an avid fan of hairstyling tools involve heat or prolonged swimming and shower water disclosure. However, the effects are still preventable by properly applying purple shampoo.

Read the following guide to know how:

  1. Lather your hair up with the right purple shampoo product. During your regular routine of washing hair, squeeze out the shampoo at the size of coin into the palm of your hand. Work the product through your hair strands in order to neutralize the brassy and yellow tones and get the fresh blonde or other lighter color back.
  2. Spread the product evenly. It is especially important if you have bleached your hair to make sure that all your hair shafts are getting equal amount of product.
  3. Leave it for a while. How long it should stay on your hair depends on your hair circumstances. However, if you are new to the product, try to leave it for one minute first to see how your hair will react. You may leave it longer for the following hair washing session if everything turns out okay.
  4. Rinse it thoroughly. By now, you are almost done. Rinse the entire remaining product with cold water until your hair is all clean.

If you want to maximize hair care regime for your light-colored hair, then you shouldn’t stop at knowing ‘what does purple shampoo do’ and how to apply it. Put extra moisture on your hair to make the color last longer and make your hair looks even shinier. If you detect hair damage or breakage, tone down the heat styling like blow drying or hair straightening for a while.


How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is such a simple and handy addition to your hair care regime. It helps to cool down the tone of your strands and make the shade more vibrant in the right way. Many people still confused of how long they should leave the product on their hair? The average opinions say you must leave it between two or three minutes, then directly continue to apply nourishing conditioner or hair mask.

However, it must be noted that the time depends totally on the product you use and your hair condition. Different purple shampoo brand contains different formula. Some might recommend you to immediately rinse it off while others advise you to leave it for a whole five minutes. How frequent you should use it also depend on the current shade and type of your hair. You may incorporate it as a part of everyday routine or just use it once in a week.

Here’s the general rule: the more you want to cool the tone down, the longer you need to leave it on your hair. Be careful though, as it’s quite tricky to achieve the correct process. The faster you rinse the product, the less benefit you will get. On the contrasting side, the longer you leave the product or don’t rinse it clean enough, there’s a risk of turning your hair into grayish grape color.

Using purple toning product too often also offers a risk of giving a tint of purple hue on your lock – and it especially applies to damaged or extremely light hair. The most important thing now after you learn about what does purple shampoo do and how to correctly use it, is to test the item first on few strands to make sure your hair reacts well based on its porousness.