There are so many ways on how to get rid of a cowlick. For those who love neat hairstyle, having cowlick on the head is such a disaster. Cowlick happens when there are strands of hair grow in the different directions. As the result, it will stand out and won’t be easy for it to get combed along with the rest of the hair.

Even though some people think that having cowlick is completely natural and there is nothing wrong with it, it will becoming a serious issue when you have to look really neat with the hairstyle, such as using slicked back hairstyle. The cowlick won’t go along with the rest of the hair and easily ruin the appearance.

That is why cowlick needs to be removed. If you have this type of problem with your hair, here are four easy ways to remove the cowlick. They will help you getting rid of the stubborn strands of hair quite easily and you can do them all at home. Here they are:


How to Get Rid of a Cowlick Using Hair Gel?

The easiest way to get rid of the cowlick, albeit not permanently, is by using hair gel. Hair gel is a common hair styling product that can be found quite anywhere. Here is the step-by-step method on how to get rid of a cowlick using hair gel that you can easily do at home.

  1. Dry Hair Properly

The first thing you have to do is to dry the hair properly. Gel won’t stick easily and properly on the hair if the hair is soaking wet. Use towel and hairdryer to get rid of the wetness on the hair. After the hair is completely dried, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Apply Hair Product

Now, apply the hair product. Hair gel is the most common product here. However, if you like hair mousse or something else, feels free to try them on. Apply the product evenly on the hair, particularly on the cowlick.

  1. Comb Hair to the Same Direction

Lastly, use comb to style the hair to the same direction. Cowlick is going to make the hair stand out because it won’t grow in the same direction. Hence, use the comb to force the cowlick to go toward the natural hair direction.

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Using Conditioner as Alternative Method

Conditioner is known to add weight to the hair, if they are applied regularly. By adding weight to the hair, the cowlick will naturally go on its own and the entire hair eventually goes in the same direction. Here is how to get rid of a cowlick by applying conditioner to the hair.

  1. Wash Hair Using Shampoo

Before applying conditioner, of course the hair must be cleaned. Thus, wash your hair first using shampoo. Make sure that the shampoo you have and use is the one matching your hair type. Do not choose shampoo that contains too much oil as it will make your hair oily, too.

  1. Apply Conditioner

Squeeze the conditioner bottle on your palm. Apply the product evenly starting from the root of the hair down to the end, strand by strand. Make sure that the entire hair is covered with the conditioner to enhance the eventual effect and remove the cowlick.

  1. Wait and Wash

Leave the conditioner for half an hour or so. After that, wash the hair using clean water. When the conditioner is all gone and the hair is cleaned, dry the hair using hairdryer. If this method is done every day, the cowlick won’t be a problem anymore.

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Grow the Hair Out

If you do not want to do anything on the cowlick and expect it just to disappear on its own, well, it will, when the hair is longer. This is why one of the most famous tips on how to get rid of a cowlick naturally is by growing the hair out. This is more information about it.

  1. Measure the Cowlick

Before growing your hair out, of course you need to know exactly how long the hair should grow. Measure the cowlick and make sure that the hair is grown longer than the cowlick. By outgrowing it, the irregular strand of hair won’t be visible anymore.

  1. Grow the Hair

Now that you know exactly how long the hair should grow, start growing your hair out. It can be done naturally or using some enhancers and vitamins to make the hair growth quicker. It should take 6 months in average to grow a hair thick and long.

  1. Style with the Right Cut

When the hair is now thick and long, you will notice that the cowlick is all gone. All you need to do now is styling the hair using the right haircut. For thicker and longer hair, man bun can be a great option to easily style the hair.

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Deal with Cowlick Using Hair Dryer

Hair dryer is a powerful tool to style your hair. It applies heat to the hair, making it more manageable. You can certainly use hairdryer in getting rid of cowlick. Here is the step-by-step tutorial you can follow on how to get rid of a cowlick using hair dryer.

  1. Let the Hair Partially Dry

When the hair is soaking wet, even hair dryer won’t be able to dry it well. Instead, it will make the hair hot and uncomfortable. This is why you need to let the hair to partially dry first. It does not need to dry completely, just keep it to the point when no water dripping from the hair.

  1. Turn on Hairdryer

Now, turn on the hairdryer. Set the speed to low, first and the gradually enhance the speed. Make sure its heat is not too much to cause you some discomfort.

  1. Comb Cowlick to Hair Direction

The last thing you want to do is to hold the hairdryer (turned on) on the left hand and then hold a comb on the other hand. Comb the hair, including the cowlick, to the same hair direction while blowing it with the hairdryer. This is how to get rid of a cowlick eventually.