Let’s admit it; we all want that long lasting nail polish sticking with us. But, occasional friction with things we are holding or maybe that frequent hand-washing act comes with a bad risk for our polished nails. That’s why people are looking for the solution to how to make nail polish last longer. There are many solutions for that query – and all of them can be further classified into three general categories: preparation, during application, and lastly, post-application. By that means, there are points you need to pay attention to during the whole process of polishing your nails.

Well, sounds difficult already? No, it is not as difficult as you imagine. You may jot these tips down, moreover if you are a DIY manicurist. Even if you color your nails in a nail salon, nail polish post-application treatment is also essential to make your, well, money-worthy nail polish stays for a long time. You know how it feels: seeing your loved nail polish cracking and chipping. It means you have to redo it again on that salon. Means another bucks to spend, doesn’t it?

So, instead of dwelling after seeing your polish cracks up, sit relaxed and find something to jot down these tricks on how to make nail polish last longer. Let’s delve in.


Making the Preps Right

Good action starts from a good preparation, people said. That applies too to this whole manicure process. So, how to make nail polish last longer starting from its preparation?

  1. Keep your nails short

Undoubtedly, long nails are what many people are into, especially women. But, if you want to apply nail polish, it is better to have them trimmed first. Long nails tend to chip and peel easier. Moreover, it can disturb you while doing activities, so opting to this style will help you while painting your nails.

  1. Choose the right base and top coat

While the base coat becomes the gripping substance for the upper-layer-nail polish, the right top coat will help to avoid chipping. It is also strengthening and protecting your nails from cracks whatever its finish type is (matte/glow). It’s a bonus if you got one with hydrating component as well.

  1. Vinegar wipe

This pre-manicure trick does wonder to remove excess oil and other dirt on your nail plates. Simply do the wipe with a saturated cotton ball and let them dry naturally before applying the base coat.

  1. It’s better to use new nail polish

Using new nail polish is one trick on how to make nail polish last longer. Why so, old polish are running out of solvents, making it thickens hence it becomes trickier to apply.


Working with the Nail Polish

This is the climax of your preparation. To make your nail polish lasts longer, you should apply these tricks:

  1. Start the paint with base and top coat

As mentioned earlier, these coats are essential for polishing your nails. It might take longer time to dry it, but the time spent is worth-waiting.

  1. Don’t make bubbles!

What bubbles? Of course, the polish bubbles. So, instead of mixing your bottle of nail polish up-and-down, roll the bottle. Or, stir the coloring with the provided brush. ‘Bubbly’ polish makes it susceptible to after-use chips.

  1. Thin coats

Thicker coats may be better in terms of color and saturation, but it takes longer time to dry. Apply your polish smoothly, in a thin layer. Add sufficiently if needed.

  1. Interval needed

This is one important trick on how to make nail polish last longer. Provide two-minute interval before adding another thin layer to your nails. The point is: make it slightly dry. You can blow it smoothly or blowing them cool air with hair dryer.

  1. Three at max

Don’t exceed three reps on coating your nails. More reps means you need more time to dry the nails – hence your nails will be prone to smudge.


Post-Manicure: How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Post-manicure treatment is also important to do. Check out what you should do to protect your nails from smudge, chips, and other kinds of ‘damage’.

  1. Quick, icy dip

Yes – waiting is boring. So, some people come up with this idea: dipping their polished nails into a small bowl of ice water. You can submerge those pretty digits for 3-4 minutes. Usually, there will be water beads forming up on your nails surface. If that occurs, then you are done.

This trick works to harden your nail polish more effectively than the normal air dry. But, keeping them inside the chilly water for longer time means nothing: you’ll still have to dry it up.

  1. Dry it, but don’t use heat

Nail polish loves to ‘chill’ – you can use a hair dryer to give a cool air blow for your nails. But don’t ever dare to place them under the hot air blow. It may fasten the water evaporation (the water you got after the ice water dip), but heat is not a great aid for that. You don’t have to hair dry it for an hour or two – instead, have it for 20 minutes then let it dry naturally if it still seems ‘wet’.


Other Tricks That Work

Aside from those tips, there are still several tricks you can do to protect your nails, such as:

  1. Long, hot bath? No, no!

As long as you want to keep your nail polish, you better avoid bathing for too long. Instead, have a quick shower. Your nails may look firm, but they are absorbing moisture actually. As a result, your nails may slightly expand. Moreover, if you are having a hot bath, that’ll quicken the paint to expand – and crack when it dries.

  1. Avoid using alcohol-based solution to wash your hands

Alcohol will dry out the nails, especially the top coat layer. Therefore, it is advised to use mild soap and reapply top coat every 2-3 days.

  1. Use gloves while washing your dishes

Submerging your polished nails in water and mixed with harsh chemicals while doing your dishes will ruin your nails easily. That’s why, using gloves is essential.

That’s some information about how to make nail polish last longer. A long list of dos and don’ts, isn’t it? It is indeed a long list, but applying it is worth trying of you want to keep your nails looking dazzling.