Hair loss happens more common that most of you would like to, and it’s very much heartbreaking thing to experience. Unfortunately, it occurs beyond the hair on your scalp, which means hair loss can affect your eyebrow as well. Gratefully, loss eyebrows can grow again, but one cannot help but wonder, how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back?This article below is going to discuss exactly that. It has been a long and often debated whether loss brows are going to grow back, and even more debated the ways to grow eyebrows in faster ways. You may find the answers in the following; including the reason behind this unfortunate matter and alternative options to make them filled instantly.

Now, eyebrows are considered as essential part of the look. The way you wear them will impact the rest of your facial features massively, as neatly groomed brows will lift the face up, highlight the eyes, and make the person looks younger. That’s why eyebrow loss is extremely saddening. It may be caused by several different reasons, though, so the treatment will depend on the cause. For instance, if you suffer of eyebrow loss from over plucking, simply draw a close to the activity. Other reasons such as alopecia areata may require you for medical treatments such as injecting cortisone. Some others are sadly a permanent issue such as hair loss due to scars from frontal fibrosing alopecia. Continue to re

Therefore, it is safe to say that knowing how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back will depend on the cause of this problem in the first place. That being said, you may turn into certain solutions to enhance your eyebrows, whether it is by using natural remedies or cosmetic procedures with the help of aesthetician or beauty experts. One example is microneedling that is used for regrowing hair, a pretty much new procedure — see more at Hair Guard. Continue to read to know more about them.


Reasons Why Your Eyebrows are Falling

Any hair in your body may thin out or halt to grow, including the eyebrows. There are numbers of reasons why you might undergo this condition. First, is by waxing or over plucking the brows, causing the follicle to die, thus the hair will never grow again. Excessively rubbing the area due to feeling itchy may also lead the hair to be pulled out.

Medical conditions such as skin problems, infection, overactive immune system, or hormonal changes could be the culprit as well. Here are a few medical reasons that may cause your eyebrows to fall out:

  • Alopecia areata

This disease makes your immune system misrecognizes your body part as hostile, causing it attacking itself. Alopecia areata occurs to your hair follicles, making the hair grows slow or stops all.

  • Deficiency of nutrients

As a human, your body needs nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, protein, fatty and amino acids, mineral, and vitamins. Deficiency of any of these components may affect hair growth and causing it to lose. Lacking zinc, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B7, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, and omega-3 slows down the production of sebum and growth of cells.

  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema)

It is the condition where your skin is inflamed, so it feels itchy, looks red, and irritated. It’s triggered by immune system that’s overreacting and may flare-up anytime as ongoing condition or only once. Eczema might affect hair growth in your eyebrows because hair follicles are planted within your skin.

  • Psoriasis

This is a disorder related to immune as well which makes skin cells to grow and multiply at accelerated rate, hence form red, painful, and thick patches that block and stop your hair follicles to grow.

  • Contact dermatitis

If your eyebrow areas are affected by contact dermatitis due to toxic substance or allergen, it may lead to inflammation which hinders the hair to grow.


How Long Does It Take For Eyebrows To Grow Back Through Phases

If you were to ask experts how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back, most of them will agree that it takes anywhere from a month or two. The real growth of your brows, cycles between three to four months. Read the three phases of hair growth cycle in the following to understand it better.

  1. Anagen phase (the growth): Anagen is the first phase of the whole cycle for any hair in your body. This is the point where the brows prearranged their limit and it takes about a month to a month and a half.
  2. Catagen phase (the transition): At this point of cycle, the follicle shifts closer to surface of your skin and start shrinking to prepare for the next phases. This stage lasts for about two or three weeks long.
  3. Telogen phase (the shedding or resting): This is the last phase of your eyebrows’ growth cycle. At this point, small hairs start to rise from hair follicle. Your existing strands of eyebrow will fall off and be replaces by new hairs that grow. Then the growth cycle will begin all over again. The last phase takes the longest period, about one to two months long. However, some hair experts say that this phase can actually be broke down to two different phases, which is the telogen for resting stage and exogen for shedding stage.

Overall, the entire cycle of eyebrows growth lasts for four months to half a year. Note that the length of period might be influenced by several factors, including the cause behind your eyebrow loss, your lifestyle habits, and the environment factor around you. The cycle may last shorter if the cause is merely from shaving or over-plucking.


How to Make the Eyebrows Grow Faster

Here’s good news for you: there are products and ingredients that can help to fasten the growth of your arch, which are:

  • Castor oil

Castor oil is a natural, affordable, and safe home remedy to fill out your brows. The ingredient has been used for so long to treat different hair loss conditions. Up until now, there’s a lack of science-based studies to prove its effectiveness, but there is no wrong in trying this material since it carries low risk.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its soothing and healing property, but it also works if you want to promote eyebrows’ growth. There are several studies that show this ingredient carry magnesium and calcium. Magnesium is a known substance to boost growth of hair follicle while calcium plays a major role to maintain overall health of your body, including the hair.

  • Milk

The proteins within milk help to nourish the roots of your hair, so it gives big benefits to encourage your eyebrows’ growth. To apply milk, pour it in small bowl then smear across your brows by dipping cotton bud on the milk. Apply it evenly so each strand on your eyebrows will be nourished and you’ll see the difference in several weeks.

  • Natural ingredients with hydrating and stimulating benefits

You may attempt to make your arches grow faster, thicker, and longer by using products that contain vit E, biotin, lipids, peptides, coconut oil, or olive oil. They help to stimulates the follicles and set a heathier environment around your eyebrows. These ingredients will nourish and moisturize hair follicles and make them life longer during the anagen phase, which leads to more volumized hair.

  • Follicle energizer

You are able to find specifically designed product to promote eyebrows’ hair follicle to growth. They are typically available in serum form.


Cosmetic Procedures to Get Your Eyebrows Grow Instantly

You have learned by now of what causes eyebrows loss and how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back. Regrowth is a possible thing if you have patience and use the correct ingredients. However, if the problem is caused by inactive follicle, then the only way out is probably by using cosmetic procedures.

There are two most popular procedures that you can get to obtain a new eyebrow look: microblading and micro shading. Both are the modern methods that won’t give you outdated brows that look like they’ve been stamped on your forehead, but natural strokes with realistic and superfine hair. Read more about them below:

  1. Microblading

This procedure will suit anyone who wants long-lasting eyebrows with natural look. It is a technique that involves extremely detailed needled pen (with 12-15 needles) to inject pigment into your skin. The pen has super fine tip, so it is able to set legit looking hair strokes. The method is categorized as semi-permanent procedure since the needles only reach the top layers of your skin. The stroke mimics the tiny paper cuts.

  1. Micro-shading

This procedure is best for people who want more refined looking eyebrow. Think of microblading as a sketch painting, then think of micro-shading as the artists use impressionist style by a blade. This cosmetic procedure either utilizes manual tool or electric one to create eyebrows with powdered and soft looks. The technique used in micro-shading is stippling method, in which the aesthetician creates pigmented dots. This procedure is also classified as semi-permanent.

With so many beauty treatments out there, you might not need to worry about how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back. These procedures help to reshape the idea of beauty that women hold, which for so long has been associated with patience and pain.