Kmazing – It happens to us often: we try to dye our hair with a brand new hair product and end up with an unexpected crisis. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that do not require bleaching. Color Oops hair color remover helps you to continue coloring your mane. But the case is, does Color Oops work on black hair? Many people who try to dye their hair in black may sometimes find it awful. Therefore, they want to remove it with certain hair color remover products, such as Color Oops. Hair color removers or which also known as artificial hair color extractors are the ultimate solution to eliminate synthetic color pigments from the hair, and they are also considered to be one of the least harmful ways.

A hair color remover is specifically formulated to permanently eliminate oxidative dye from your hair. Hair products that can remove hair color usually have no ammonia or bleaching agents. As long as you choose the right hair color extractor, and you barely use the product, it will not lead to any severe damage to your hair. You can always have a professional to do any color removal. However, it’s a complex process even for the experts. In other words, if you plan to take things into your own hands, there is information you need to know.



Does Color Oops Work on Black Hair? What is Color Oops Hair Color Remover?

Whenever you want to remove your hair color, you will likely run the risk of damage. To avoid such an issue, opt for a hair remover product that’s moisturizing and gentle. Many experts recommend Color Oops hair color remover. Besides being inexpensive, it’s also gentle and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that might cause damage to your hair, even if it is your first time using it. It only takes around 20 minutes to entirely remove semi-permanent or permanent hair color. However, does it work on any hair color, especially the black one?

As already mentioned above, Color Oops is one of the most affordable hair color extractor products on the market. It doesn’t contain bleach and ammonia that will help you to restore your hair to its previous color. So, does Color Oops work on black hair? Although black is considered by many experts as the most challenging hair color to removing, Color Oops is still able to pull this tough black hair dye. It only takes around 20 minutes to remove permanent and semi-permanent hair color regardless of when the initial hair color was applied.

Color Oops also has an extra-conditioning formula that derives from the combination of aloe vera gel and soy protein. This formula will help to protect and keep your hair moisturized. The immediate results can be a bit orangey. Even so, your hair is ready to be dyed again right after the color remover products have been thoroughly rinsed. Keep in mind that Color Oops will only remove synthetic hair color as long as you follow the proper instructions.


Only Remove the First Layers of Hair Color

This hair color remover will not restore your hair to its initial condition. It will only remove the first layers of hair color so that you can apply the new hair color with any color you want. You can successfully remove the current hair dye if only you follow the right instructions. Many experts suggest recoloring your hair right after you extracting the old hair dye.

Some people report several common complaints after using Color Oops to remove their old hair dye. They only get a little to no effects or a visible dryness and hair damage, and you may as well experience this issue. The chemical odor of this product is also relatively strong due to its product’s ingredients. But this strong chemical odor will eventually go away if you thoroughly rinse and conditioning your hair.


How to Make Color Oops Hair Color Remover More Effective?

Many people try to dye their hair black. After a few months, they will get bored with this hair color. They might don’t know what hair color remover they should choose when they want to remove this hair dye. A number of professionals recommend Color Oops to rid of your old hair dye. But does Color Oops work on black hair? With proper usage, you may successfully remove this stubborn hair color. But, how is to make this hair color stripper more effective?


Here are some simple tips to help you remove your old hair dye effectively:

  1. Do not use a dry shampoo or any dry hair care product right after using hair color remover, and the last time you washed your hair.
  2. Extend the rinse time, mainly if you only use low water pressure or have long and thick hair. It would be best if you rinse your hair much longer to make sure that you get the most stubborn hair color gets out of your hair.
  3. Try to not use the same method when you apply coconut oil. That is for the bleaching process, not to remove your hair dye. You can also use this hair color remover along with the other hair care product but make sure it’s not for bleaching.
  4. To get the best result, make you wait for at least two weeks right after applying the hair color remover. Afterward, you may use any hair care product such as a new hair dye product, bleaching product, straightening, or even chemical perm. Recheck the instructions to see whether you have to wait even longer before coloring your hair too. Important to note, Color Oops hair color remover will turn your hair to its natural color. It also doesn’t turn your hair blond or remove the cuticle staining.


Will Color Oops Remove a Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

Hair color remover such as Color Oops will not be able to work on intense hair colors, including blues, purples, greens, or bright reds. This hair product will only work on hair dyes that use peroxide products. Therefore, it’s ineffective to strip direct hair dyes like plant-based colors and semi-permanent colors.


True Colors

There have been a lot of reports about how semi-permanent colors can be extracted using synthetic hair color removers. However, they are intended for this reason. One potential explanation is that shampooing several times with a cleaning shampoo and rinse the hair with warm water may cause the significant removal of vibrant colors rather than by merely applying the hair color removal product.

You better not expect a stunning color right after you finished the hair color removal process using Color Oops. However, you can still obtain the ideal base for coloring your hair again with the type of color you desire. After all, that is what this product is made for.


Color Chameleon

Suppose you expect your hair will return to your natural hair color. In that case, you may be disappointed with the final results of color remover, such as Color Oops. Many tend to blame the product for causing warm undertones. These undertones can be the product of the previous coloring process. Any of the natural pigments in your hair could have removed by the underlying permanent colors, and the color remover just exposed this unlovely hair color.

In other words, the final result of using Color Oops hair dye remover entirely depends on your natural hair color and your hair dye history. If you are wondering, does Color Oops work on black hair, you already know the answer. However, the result could be a reddish-brown if you have recently dyed your naturally brown hair a darker shade, like black.


Does Color Oops Work on Black Hair and Other Questions

As already mentioned above, black is the most difficult hair color to remove. If you dye your naturally brown hair black, the result would be a reddish-brown. The Color Oops hair color remover will not be able to extract all the pigment.

Here are the other frequently asked questions regarding the use of Color Oops remover:


How long should you wait after applying Color Oops?

Suppose your hair doesn’t have any issue, such as damaged by bleaching products. In that case, you can immediately recolor your hair on the same day right after completing the hair color removal process. Since you recently dyed your hair, thus your hair is known as porous. In that case, it’s highly suggested for you to use a lighter color and reduce the coloring time. Make sure to perform a strand test first before recoloring your entire hair.


Is Color Oops safe to use on hair?

Color Oops is a hair color removal product that is very safe and relatively gentle on hair. However, if your have is in severe conditions, it’s recommended to wait for a few weeks to get your hair healthier.


Will Color Oops take the hair to its original color?

In many cases, this color removal can do it. However, if you have dyed your hair in a lighter shade, Color Oops will not be able to get your hair to its natural color. It’s because when you use a lighter shade, you actually remove the natural pigment of your hair. Like any other color removal product, Color Oops can only extract the synthetic pigment. It can’t substitute the natural pigment. Using color close to your natural color is recommended if you want to recolor your hair. If you have dyed your hair black for so many years, Color Oops may not be able to strip all the color. Thus, it’s answered the question of does Color Oops work on black hair.