Cutting your bangs is probably the easiest yet the effective way to transform your appearance. It is a simple solution that can be done by everyone from the comfort of their home. However, as there are so many varieties of bang for different face shapes, this might turn a bit more complicated and leave you indecisive about the decision. Worry no more! For you with rectangular face, the extensive guide of bangs for square face below will help to make the right choice.

It is actually quite tough to decide which bangs shapes are the most suitable to flatter rectangular face. Bangs that cut too straight will emphasize your sharp jawline instead of soften it and bring the attention to your eyes. Even straight hairstyle is not really easy to pull by square shaped face because they tend to have no movements or layers to smoother the angular cut of your jaw.

Eventually, after going through many trials and errors, you will find the suitable hairstyle for your face shape. Now will be an ideal time to start the discovery, by starting from sometimes as simple as fitting shape of bangs for square face, that you can read about in the following.


The Best Styles of Bangs for Square Face

Having rectangular face shape has its own benefits and challenges. One of the challenges is to know the right way of hairstyling to enhance your best features. Here are some of the best bangs for square face that worth to try.

  1. Tousled bangs

Tousled bangs give you classic, sexy, yet effortless looks. This bangs shape incorporates slight waves, but it might be styled to be sleek, chic, and modern as well. It offers extra softness and movements to move the attention from your sharp jaw’s angle.

  1. Long side bangs

Long side bangs are really suitable for rectangular face, because of the swept curves that they set over your forehead. In general, it is a very versatile bangs style – that looks eccentric and chic on short hair, but appears to be refined and feminine for medium to long hairstyle.

  1. Bardot Bangs

Bardot bangs are easily spotted by the unkempt, natural look that differs in length: shorter at front part and longer at the sides. People often think that center parting style makes the angular face appears to be more prominent, but in fact, bardot bangs give you the opposite. They cover the side parts of your forehead, thus creates softer illusion.


How to Cut Bangs by Yourself at Home

Experimenting with trends is fun, whether it is with beauty or fashion. Cutting bangs for square face at home is fun experience to try, but it is worth to think twice: do you really want it or is it just because you’re currently bored with nothing to do? However, if you’re truly desire to get new appearance but doesn’t have to see hairstylist, it is better to learn how to do it first.

Follow the guide below in three easy steps:

  1. Collect any necessary supplies

These include styling scissors, comb with fine tooth, and couples of alligator clip. The best DIY cutting bangs project requires a good pair of shears to create sharp and even cut.

  1. Prepare your hair

Make sure your bangs are entirely dry. Your hair stretches when it is wet, so it is not ideal to cut on wet condition because you risk cutting it too short, which you may not realize until your bangs dry out.

  1. Practice the correct technique

You might have noticed vertical cutting technique before from your hairstylist. It is the best method that called point cut that helps to soften the bangs’ line and creates texture.


How to Maintain Your Bangs

Bangs is a part of your hair that may induce an extreme love-hate relationship. Sure, bangs for square face look really cute but very high maintenance. If you have them or plan to get them soon, read the tips below to ensure you get the best out of them.

Let’s discuss about how to maintain it first. Knowing bangs maintenance is especially important if you currently don’t have bangs yet, but considering to. You have to understand fully about how much efforts bangs maintenance can actually take.

At minimum, you need to schedule visits to your favorite hairstylist or salon to get the fringes professionally trimmed. It may sound too frequent first, but bangs are able to grow at quick pace. Some people even go for a visit every week or every other week so their bangs won’t stab them in the eyes.

Next advice is meant for people who choose to get their bangs trimmed at home. If possible, you have to avoid using kitchen scissors. Get a salon styling shears, dry your hair, and cut it a millimeter by millimeter. Trim by pointing your scissor upwards, as advised by bangs cutting tutorial above instead of horizontal straight line.


Products for to Keep Your Bangs on Point

After knowing how to maintain the bangs, it’s time to learn about the right hair products to use on bangs for square face. The general rule of thumb is that less is more. You might just use your current regular product, by applying to your hair and then use product leftover for the fringes. If you put too much products, they might turn greasy quickly.

Some people might get the genetic lottery by doing nothing and getting their bangs look perfect right away. However, if you’re less fortunate, you have to use the correct product to keep the bangs appear perfect. Regular hairstyling cream is sufficient for fine hair, meanwhile wax or gel will suit for thicker and more textured hair.

Moreover, it is important to remember that bangs for square face or any other face shape required to be washed on everyday basis – unlike hair that allows you to go for several of unwashed days. Just a quick shampooing session is enough, preferably in the morning when you wake up. As alternative, you might apply dry shampoo to absorb extra oil and bring back your bangs’ volume.