The question of using concealer or foundation first is always in everyone’s mind, especially for makeup enthusiasts. Back then, people do the makeup easily as there were only few products and steps to do a full-face makeup. However, as the time goes by, technology enhances, and the same things happen to makeup industry.

Now, to do a proper makeup, there are like tons of products and steps you should understand. Foundation was then the only thing you should apply on the face. However, today the makeup industry has a lot more things, including stuff like primer, serum and of course, concealer. This last bit is one of the most used pieces of makeup people have today.

So, which one goes first? Do you apply the foundation first on the face or do you smear the concealer first? This question is tricky as it has so many different answers, and at the end, it will go down to every person’s personal preference on doing the makeup. Some of the explanations about concealer or foundation first can be read below.


Deciding Concealer of Foundation First

This concealer or foundation first question appears because people do realize that you just cannot mix foundation and concealer together and just dab them on the face. There have to be steps to take and one of them must go first, ahead of the other. Before that, you need to know several basic things like these ones down below.

  1. The Function of Concealer and Foundation

Foundation has the function of preparing the facial skin for makeup. It is like preparing the canvas before painting. Foundation evens the color of the face and hides the rough, uneven texture. Concealer has the ability of hiding out the very dark patches on the face. Usually it is the hyper-pigmented area under the eyes, by the mouth and around the nose.

  1. The Types of Concealer and Foundation

For concealer, there are usually two types of them. The first one is a stick concealer and the second one is the liquid concealer. Stick concealer looks like a massive lipstick that you just can push and smear on the face. Liquid concealer is applied using the small pointy applicator. As for the foundation, the most common types of them are the cream-based and the powder one.


When You Use Cream-Based Foundation

Cream-based foundation is probably more popular these days. The new forms of it are including the BB cream, CC cream and a slightly thicker version of liquid foundation. The cream-based foundation is relatively easy to find and they do have stunning effect, if applied properly, to the face. When you use this type of foundation, this is the answer to that concealer or foundation first question.

  1. Apply Foundation First

When you use cream-based foundation, the right step to do is using the foundation first and then followed by the concealer. Cream-based foundation is relatively thicker and it takes some times to dry out. You want this step to go first on your makeup routine as you cannot reverse anything after the foundation is applied

  1. The Reason

If you need more reason of why cream-based foundation should be applied before the concealer is because the foundation has the ability to make the skin tone more even. It works as the agent to reduce blemishes on the face as well. When the foundation is already applied, you can decide how much concealer to apply and hide the discoloration.


When You Use Powder Foundation

Besides cream-based foundation, surely you know that there is also powder foundation. This is a lighter type of foundation that people love for its simplicity. Applying this type of foundation can be done quicker and there will be less sticky mess on the hands or on the makeup sponges. This is your answer to the concealer or foundation first question when your foundation is the powder one.

  1. Apply Concealer First

When you use powder foundation, you need to get the concealer applied first. This happens because powder foundation is way lighter on the face and sometimes it won’t even stick to the face. You need to apply everything else first before getting the powder foundation onto the face.

  1. The Reason

Another reason why the concealer should go fist is because concealer has the sticky effect on the face that may help the foundation to stay on the face even longer. If you apply the powder foundation first, you may end up with textured, cracked and less even colors on the face. You do not want this to happen at all as the eventual result will not be that good for the look of the face.


Concealer or Foundation First: Using Concealer as Foundation

Surely everything has a twist of fate and you can experience that too when you decide to use only one of the product. A lot of people think that using both concealer and foundation is not too economically wise as both of them have relatively the same function. So, to save money, they just do not give any reason to bother about concealer or foundation first and they just use one of them.

  1. Can You Do That?

Yes, surely you can do that. There are a lot of concealer products that comes in with the similar consistency and thickness of a cream-based foundation. They have large coverage and great in hiding out the dark, uneven patches on the face. This decision will certainly save your money as you do not need to buy a foundation anymore.

  1. Before Applying the Concealer

Foundation has the moisturizing effect that concealer sometimes doesn’t. To keep the face moisturized without using the foundation, you can use a light cream moisturizer or a few drop of face serum. After that, apply the foundation all over the face, starting from the dark, hyper-pigmented area around the eyes and down to the chin. This will end your doubt about concealer or foundation first as you just use one instead of two of them.